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MBA director’s book focuses on employee motivation and satisfaction

MILLIGAN UNIVERSITY (July 21, 2021) – As the world moves forward from the global pandemic, American workers are reassessing their relationship to the workplace. In April, the U.S. Labor Department released that a record four million people quit their jobs that month while many industries face labor shortages.

Many workers indicated that job satisfaction was a critical factor in their decision to quit.

Milligan University MBA Director and Professor of Business Administration Dr. Brad Ward recently published the book, “The Motivated Worker: A Manager’s Guide to Improving Job Satisfaction,” which provides helpful insights on employee motivation and satisfaction.

“I have worked in several industries over my career, and I noticed there were miserable workers wherever I went,” shared Ward. “I always wanted to know why. In this book, I dive into what motivates workers and how managers can help their employees get more satisfaction from their jobs.”

In his book, Ward focuses on the internal and external factors that affect employee motivation and the process of making one’s work more meaningful.

He argues that while external factors, like salary and proper working conditions, are required in a workplace, employees also need to feel recognized, valued and be able to connect their work to a greater purpose.

His research included creating a survey that was piloted among Milligan University’s MBA program, as well as studying a bank in East Tennessee.

Ward received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University, a Master of Arts in organizational management from Spring Arbor University and his Doctor of Business Administration from George Fox University.

Ward discussed his research at Milligan’s virtual Faculty Lecture Series and its accompanying podcast series this past semester.

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