The Good Life

Milligan is a close-knit community, with a student body of around 1,200 students and over 150 faculty and staff.


You'll soon discover what makes Milligan stand out from other colleges -- it's a Christian community that is genuine and real. We're not perfect, but we're a real place, with real people, all learning and serving a real God. Our students come from all over the country and world, so you'll find students with interests similar to your own, as well as those of different cultures, backgrounds, and views. It's a place with fun traditions, great athletic programs, and lots to do. We are also a community where real friendships are made that last a lifetime. That's the Milligan difference.

Res Life

More than 70 percent of our traditional students live on campus in one of 11 residence halls. This is where much of the community life and social involvement on campus occurs. Milligan's residence halls are designed to encourage greater independence as our students progress through their college years. At the same time, there is a strong focus on learning to live in a community with others. We like to think of your four years here as part of your own journey to independence. Learn more.


The Milligan experience is flavored with fun, time-honored traditions that are enjoyed by generations of Buffs. These are the moments that connect students and alumni, and they're the memories you will never forget. Like any good tradition, there is a story behind every one. You can become part of these stories and traditions that make Milligan such a memorable--and fun--place!

Wonderful Wednesday
Begun in 1969 as a day to ease the normal pressures of spring fever, the tradition of this annual surprise "holiday" has continued. Day classes are cancelled one day each April and replaced by a variety of social activities planned by Social Affairs.

This tradition goes back to the 1950s. The tables are turned and the women are encouraged to ask the men out, as “The Woman Is Required to Pay!”

One Acts & Film Festival
Fine arts are a core part of the Milligan liberal arts tradition. The festival is kicked off annually with a campus-wide picnic. Student-directed one act plays and films are shown each evening.

Pardee Waterslide
This tradition goes back to the old Pardee Hall, when the “Pardee Rowdies” would create a fun and cooling diversion for students on hot spring days. Now the waterslide appears near Buffalo Creek for various events throughout the year.

A definite “must” for couples who get engaged — or friends just looking to have fun. Everyone ends up wet!

A time for the entire Milligan family — current students, alumni, faculty — to come together for a weekend of reunions, activities and memories. The annual Homecoming parade features floats from student and alumni groups.


As a Christian college, Milligan adopts basic moral and social principles and expects students to serve Christ in an atmosphere of trust, encouragement, and respect for one another. It's a community that values character development as much as intellectual development. Click here to read more about expectations and responsibilities for the Milligan community.