Community: The Good Life

Students soon discover what makes Milligan stand out from other colleges — it’s a Christian community that is genuine and real. We’re not perfect, but we’re a real place, with real people, all learning and serving a real God. Our students come from all over the country and world to discover students with interests similar to their own, as well as those of different cultures, backgrounds, and views. It’s a place with fun traditions, great athletic programs, and lots to do. We are also a community where real friendships are made that last a lifetime. That’s the Milligan difference.

Residence Life

More than 70 percent of our traditional students live on campus in one of 11 residence halls. This is where much of the community life and social involvement on campus occurs. Milligan’s residence halls are designed to encourage greater independence as our students progress through their college years. At the same time, there is a strong focus on learning to live in a community with others. It’s a journey to independence!