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Index of Native American Resources on the Internet   "This is an excellent site for those interested in any topic concerning Native American life. The topics range from history and culture to literature and the arts." [Patrick W. Hardin]

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Indian Country Today    "America's Largest Indian Newspaper"

"Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality"

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The Peyote Foundation's FAQ    A brief overview of the history of peyote use and the current struggle to retain it as a sacrament. "Peyote is cactus that is used as a sacrament in many Native American traditions. It has an ancient history that goes back many years before Columbian times. Native Americans use this substance in a variety of different ways." [Philip Rutledge]

"Why I am a Pagan"   Written by Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Simmons) in 1902, this article reflects on her experience of being approached by a fellow Lakota who had converted to Christianity and now desires her to do so as well.

Native Americans and the Environment   "This site contains several links to articles and essays that are primarily concerned with the disruption of the sacred relationship between the Native Americans and the earth. Many of the articles reflect the opposition of Native American groups to environmental destruction as well as their grievances with the laws of government." [Patrick W. Hardin] 


NativeWeb: Art

The Heard Museum: Native Cultures and Art   "The Heard Museum is devoted to the appreciation of Native American Heritage. Their web site features online exhibits of art and a guide to the museum's archive." [Nathan P. Gilmour]

Miscellaneous Resources

"Renewing a Cherished Way of Life"  "As the Lakota people were relocated away from their tribal lands, most children began to learn the English language and customs, forgetting their tribal rituals. To combat this assimilation into American society and to preserve tribal lore, the Lakota have reinstated an old ritual dealing with welcoming young girls into the tribe. These young women undergo a training process whereby they learn the Lakota beliefs concerning ancestors and other related tribal codes, the arts of the Lakota people, and the conduct of wives and mothers." (Emily Fuller)

Dream Catchers: Land of Truth and Adventure  "This site offers a history of the Lakota, including links on Wounded Knee, chiefs, and famous quotes of the Lakota. This page was written by a Lakota, so take that in to mind when browsing. It also offers legends, myths, and stories of the Lakota, and an extensive list of totems." [Dan Drage]

Lakhota/Dakhota/Nakhota (Sioux) Literature "This is a good, easy to use site. It contains mostly poems and quotes from numerous people. While further exploring this site one will find many interesting little links explaining traditions of the Lakotas. It briefly explains interesting traditions such as the gift of the peacepipe and the legend of the Thunder God. I found it very helpful in understanding why this tribe holds to some of their traditions." [Carly Fowler]

A Study and Timeline of the Lakota Nation  "I found this to be a very interesting and enjoyable site. It is mostly a timeline containing the history of the tribe. This page includes music and vibrant pictures of the Lakota's life today. It tells you all about who they are, where they have been, and where they are going." [Carly Fowler]

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