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Buddhanet File Library "The Buddhanet File Library contains archived files of documents pertaining to all of the major Buddhist traditions. These files provide resources such as terms and their usage within the tradition, doctrinal guidance and clarification, manuals of the conduct and behavior of ritual, and other documents pertaining to the religious faith in general." [Emily Fuller]

Commentary on Current Events

Shambhala Sun "Inspired by Buddhism and the world's great contemplative traditions, the Shambhala Sun magazine brings compassion and insight to the arts, politics, relationships, social issues, livelihood, and all aspects of life in the modern world."

eDharma: Buddhism Resources Magazine

Buddhism Today   "This source offers teachings and interviews of prominent Buddhist teachers. It is an excellent source for current affairs and the perspective of the Buddhist tradition. Feature articles include: 'Seven Points on Meditation,' 'View, Meditation and Conduct,' and 'Buddhist Terms.'" [Jonathan Kliewer]

Essays, Scholarly Articles, Important Texts

Introduction to Buddhism  An online introduction to the Theravada tradition (with hypertext links).

Buddhism in a Nutshell  "This website provides information on Buddha's life, characteristics of Buddhism, attitudes in learning Buddhism, and samples of Buddhist art."   [Danielle Gudmestad]

Fundamental Buddhism Explained "This site offers an explanation of Fundamental Buddhism, essence of Buddha's teachings, and Nirvana.  Furthermore, it allows interactive Buddhist instruction.  All explanations are based on the Pali Canon, recognized by Buddhist scholars as the oldest record of what the Buddha taught." [David Isaacs]

Culasunnatta Sutta - The Quintessence of Buddhism or Seven Steps to Nirvana. The Sutta (121).   "The 'Culasunnatta Sutta' (Sutta 121) is a dialogue between Buddha and one of his pupils. It contains a discussion on "Voidness" where Buddha explains the seven steps to Nirvana. Described as the "Quintessence of Buddhism," this site seems to strike quite near to the core of Buddhist thought and lifestyle. Also, being a primary source, this seems essential to any survey site on Buddhist tradition. It's philosophical characteristics make it an excellent example of the differences in Eastern and Western thought patterns and systems." (Wes Arblaster)

Buddhism, Religion or Philosophy? "This article is written by Michael Holmboe Meyer, a renowned author on humanities. In this article he deals with the Buddhist Four Noble Truths and the Eight-Fold Path. He also discusses Buddhism and its coexistence with other world religions and it parallels to Christianity." [Jonathan Kliewer]

The Dhammapada "The Dhammapada is one of the sacred texts in the Buddhist tradition. This sight is a translation of the Dhammapada from its original sanskrit text. The Dhammapada is a collection of 423 verses on Buddhist lifestyle, philosopy, and teachings; many of the verses are enlightening for anyone, no matter what tradition." [Jonathan C. Kliewer]

The Path to Freedom  "This site contains a tour of the Buddha's teachings based on excerpts from the Pali Canon and arranged to follow the Buddha's graduated teaching method.  It leads the reader from the basic principles of Buddhism through the concepts of the Four Noble Truths and Nibbana.  This site is very helpful for newcomers who wish to learn more about Buddhist teachings." [Mark Garland]

Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture: A Self-Study Course  The intention of this course is to enable the reader to explore Shin Buddhism, also known as Jodo Shinshu, historically and in modern context.  Shin Buddhism is a Pure Land denomination originating in Japan in the thirteenth century.  The course material is offered by Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus of Religion at the University of Hawaii. Self study questions are provided.

The Wheel of Life: Karma, Death and Rebirth in Tibetan Buddhism  "A site dedicated to making available texts related to Buddhist beliefs and practices.  The site has several interesting articles that address such topics as death, karma, and reincarnation.  Several of the articles are transcribed from the teachings of the Dalai Lama." [Wes Jamison]

Status of Women in Buddhism "This site was written by Buddhisaro Bhikku concerning the role of women in the Buddhist religious tradition. In this site he uses a plethora of Budda's quotes, as he states Buddha as being the first religious leader who taught equality with women and Buddhism as the least discriminatory religion against women." [Derrick Davis]


Buddhist Art

Buddhist Studies and the Arts

Asian Arts   "This is an on-line gallery exploring a wide variety of Asian Buddhist artwork. It includes a photo tour through many galleries with detailed explanations of what is currently being viewed. This sight also includes a network of up-to-date journal articles and current Asian art events." [Heather Heidelman

The Ten Oxherding Pictures  "This is one of the many versions of the drawings of the early Zen metaphor known as 'oxherding.' This process of 'training the mind' is one of the earliest traditions of this Mahayanist sect. Here is one version of the pictures of the 10 steps along with a helpful commentary." [Jo Ellen Werking]

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