COVID Response



COVID-19 update

Because it is anticipated that vaccines will be widely available by summer, our intentions and plans are to have an on-campus Fall 2021 semester with the majority of academic instruction and student activities occurring in-person.

Our community has responded and adapted to the COVID-19 challenges incredibly well, maintaining low virus numbers as we continue to fulfill our mission.

We will continue to monitor the pandemic and will practice whatever safety protocols are still necessary and important at that time. Read more »

Welcome Week


SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Safety protocols required for Welcome Week activities will be announced mid-summer based on the current COVID-19 situation and CDC guidance. Read more »

Online Check-In

All students are required to check-in online and have their student accounts settled by the due date on the statement. Students will receive an email when the check-in portal opens in late July.

  • New students will check-in after arrival in August.
  • Returning students may check-in prior to arrival.

The online check-in process includes vehicle registration, submission of immunization records (new students only), notice of intent to graduate forms, and updates to profile information in Self-Service. (Self-Service will be open for registration and schedule changes through Monday, August 23.)

Students must complete the financial aid process and submit immunization records and required transcripts by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before classes begin or their registration will be cancelled and they will not be allowed to attend classes. Check with your Student Financial Services counselor today to see what you need to do!

In order to re-enroll, students must satisfactorily resolve all issues and will be assessed a $250 re-enrollment fee.

Residence Hall Check-in

  • NEW STUDENTS should arrive Saturday, August 21, at their assigned time. Stop first at the Student Center to check-in and then go to your dorm.  Read more »
  • RETURNING STUDENTS may sign up to move into the residence halls on Friday, August 20, or Sunday, August 22.  Read more »
  • EARLY ARRIVALS: Students who arrive prior to their designated time will have a daily charge and must be pre-approved by the Dean of Students (423.461.8760). Returning students who arrive earlier than this will NOT be permitted to say in the residence halls unless they are involved in a school-related activity that requires them to arrive earlier and they have been approved by Residence Life. Read more »


Matriculation is a longstanding tradition where new students officially “sign in” to the records of the university.

NEW STUDENTS must participate in Matriculation on Saturday, August 21, at 6:30 p.m. Families are invited and encouraged to attend, pending COVID-19 safety protocols announced mid-summer.

Classes Start

Classes begin on Tuesday, August 24.

Academic Calendar: Click here to view the Academic Calendar for the year, as well as other course schedule information.



Campus Life


SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Safety protocols required for Campus Life activities will be announced mid-summer based on the current COVID-19 situation and CDC guidance. Read more »

Res Life

Welcome home! At Milligan, Residence Life is about so much more than where you sleep at night. It’s about building a community and creating an environment that helps you to grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s about who you are and who God is creating you to be!


New students will move in on SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, in assigned groups and times throughout the day. 

Stop at the Welcome Center in the McMahan Student Center BEFORE proceeding to the residence hall to receive your orientation packet and important instructions. When you arrive on campus, follow signs and balloons to the Student Center.

Click here to find out more details about specific residence halls, room assignments and suggested room needs.


Returning students may sign up to move into the residence halls on Friday, August 20, or Sunday, August 22, at an assigned time. 

Students who arrive prior to their designated time will have a daily charge of $75 added to their student account.  Additionally, any early arrival must be pre-approved by the Dean of Students.  Returning students who arrive earlier than this will NOT be permitted to say in the residence halls unless they are involved in a school-related activity that requires them to arrive earlier and they have been approved by Residence Life.

Campus Activities

Students desiring to enjoy the richness of living in community will want to take advantage of the variety of programming that takes place across campus. Our desire is to help students to develop excellence in character, healthy lifestyles, leadership skills and lasting friendships as they actively enter into the life of the Milligan community.

Several organizations on campus offer you opportunities for spiritual growth, service, athletic competition, and fun and fellowship as you get to know other Milligan students.


Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the first place to start for filling your social calendar and finding fun ways to hang out on campus and around Johnson City. We start the year off right with the annual Welcome Week. CAB partners with Student Government Association leadership to celebrate the final days of summer and the return of students on campus.

Always the center of the action, CAB hosts numerous campus activities and social events throughout the year. There is something for everyone from film events, dances, concerts and coffeehouses, to trivia nights, and a day even more exciting than Christmas, Wonderful Wednesday!

RUSH DAY is in early September — watch for announcements. Rush Day is a great opportunity for students to get connected with clubs and organizations on campus.


SGA is a group of hard working students dedicated to improving campus life.  We are excited about the upcoming school year. Event planning is underway and we hope that you will get involved.  You can expect events such as Rush Day, Homecoming week, Family Weekend, and That Big Party! SGA is an organization that represents the student body. Whether it be academics, school programs, or spiritual formation, our team is there to support student opinion. Get ready for a year filled with spirit and excitement.

Campus Life is brimming with activities and events to attend, people to meet, conversations to have, lessons to learn, and new experiences to brave. It’s going to be YOUR college experience and it will only be what you make of it. So put yourself out there, try new things, and get involved. Bring it on!

Campus Ministry

The Milligan experience is about more than getting a great education. It’s about being formed into a follower of Christ, a fully-functioning servant-leader. The Spiritual Formation Program (SFP) helps the campus community grow in discipleship to Jesus. In addition to academic endeavors, all traditional-age undergraduate students participate in SFP. In order to graduate, students must accumulate 150 SFP credits, which are earned by participation in Chapel services, approved service projects, and campus ministry programs such as FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Diversity Forums, devotional breakfasts and select community events. More details will be provided during Welcome Week.


We strive to create opportunities for our commuter students to feel at home and stay connected. All student activities are open to commuter students and we hope you’ll attend! The P.H. Welshimer Library is open late most nights for studying and research, and there are a number of lounges and other places spaced throughout campus where students can gather and spend time working on projects, eating together, or simply hanging out. Commuter students are also invited to run for office in the Student Government Association or meet other commuters on the Commuter Council.

(All traditional undergrad students at Milligan are required to live on campus. Certain exceptions apply, and they are outlined in the Student Handbook. To learn more about living off-campus, contact the Office of Student Development at 423.461.8760.)

Counseling Services

The Counseling Center’s mission is to provide mental health counseling services at no cost for Milligan University students, faculty, and staff as a way to further enhance Milligan University’s Christian community of caring by providing a level of professional care that promotes emotional well-being, spiritual growth, academic success, multicultural diversity, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Milligan’s counseling service is able to assess, make recommendations, and provide short-term counseling for interpersonal and personal issues. The counseling relationship is one which gives the students support and assistance. Areas of difficulty or questions which might be considered in counseling include social, academic, and personal issues. The service is, with very limited exceptions, confidential; the counselor will explain those exceptions at the outset. There is no additional fee for the counseling service. Appointments with the counseling service can be arranged by call 423.461.8500 or email CounselingCenter@milligan.edu.

Food Services

cafeteriaMilligan offers a continuous service meal plan provided by Pioneer College Caterers. All students must bring proper Milligan I.D. to enter the dining hall or be prepared to pay the standard line rate. The meal plan allows students to trade 30 meals per semester (as of Fall 2021) at the Student Center Snack Bar, more commonly called “The Fireside Grill.”

Students may also purchase a “Snack Bar Plus (SBP)” account. This account is available to all students. Residential students can add a SBP account to their standard meal plan on or before registration. This account allows students to grab a quick snack or meal at their convenience with the ease of using a prepaid credit line. The SBP account provides a $50 meal credit line at the grill for an additional charge of $40 to your meal plan. This 20% bonus credit is available to anyone who adds at least $100 to their account the first week of school. Additionally, if students want to add to their credit line, they may do so at any time after registration either in the cafeteria or the grill with a 10% bonus credit.


  • Sick trays are available with a note of approval from a resident director, resident assistant, or University nurse.
  • “Green on the Go.” If you are on the meal plan and can’t make certain meal times due to class or work schedules, sign up for this program. You can stop by the cafeteria and pack your meal in a recycled container.
  • Special diets can be accommodated. Please provide the cafeteria in advance with an outline of your dietary needs.
  • Nutritional awareness program. A booklet is available to explain the program and help you make sound choices concerning your diet and health.


Monday through Friday: Continuous service from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: Brunch: 10:30-1:00; Dinner: 6-7
Sunday: Continental Breakfast: 8-9; Lunch: 11:45-1:45; Dinner: 6-7

QUESTIONS? Mark Henry, Food Service Director, 423.461.8439, mhenry@milligan.edu. Or visit www.milligan.edu/student-life/#food-dining.

Health Services

The nurse-directed, campus clinic is located in the Gilliam Wellness Center (423.461.8667) with hours of operation Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 2:00pm. The campus nurse is available for emergencies, minor illnesses and injuries, and health consultations as well as referral to outside physicians and medical facilities if needed. Students are expected to report any major illnesses or injuries to the campus nurse. For a list of off-campus care options if the clinic is closed, visit www.milligan.edu/student-life/#health-wellness. For emergencies, dial 911.

Campus Safety & Security

Campus safety and security are of utmost importance to Milligan’s faculty, staff, and administration. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, which contains important information regarding campus security policies and procedures, as well as the reporting and information required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act,  the Tennessee College and University Security Information Act of 1989 and the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act  is available on the safety and security section of the Milligan website at http://www.milligan.edu/student-life/#safety-security. Paper copies of the report are available from the Director of Security/Title IX Coordinator (423.461.8740) or the Dean of Students Office (423.461.8760).

Student Development

Student Development at Milligan University seeks to promote faith, learning and living through Residence Life, Campus Activities, Career Development, and Campus Ministry.  Activities and services are open to residential students and commuters. To view the Student Handbook or other Student Development resources, visit www.milligan.edu/student-life.

Get Involved

BE “In the Know”


See a complete list of clubs and activities »

RUSH DAY is in mid-September (watch for announcements). It’s your chance to get out there and see all the clubs and organizations there are to be a part of. There is something for everyone, but remember, if you don’t see it–start it!



All Milligan students are eligible to participate in music ensembles and music lessons. Join one of our great vocal ensembles (Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir) or our fabulous orchestra. Or you can learn a new instrument by signing up for lessons (guitar, cello, violin, etc.). You can even take classes to learn to read music (MUSC 141: Music Theory Fundamentals). Participating in music is a great break from your studies and a wonderful way to make friends. Learn more at www.milligan.edu/music.

Instrumental Ensembles (instruments provided free of charge)

  • Guitar Ensemble (register for MUSC 188-001) .5 credit
  • Orchestra (register for MUSC 192) 1 credit

Choral Ensembles

  • Women’s Chorale (register for MUSC 183) 1 credit
  • Concert Choir (register for MUSC 184) 1 credit

Private Lessons

  • All instruments (guitar, piano, flute, etc.) and voice

For more information, contact Dr. Kellie Brown


Be part of The Stampede, Milligan’s student-run news service. News, commentary and opinion, photography, video — in print and online. We’re looking for writers, photographers, videographers, and social media buffs. Whether you want to contribute occasionally, share your views with the Milligan community, or be a regular staff member to report what’s happening on campus and off, you’ll find a place in The Stampede (www.milliganstampede.com). Open to all students and optional academic credit is available. Staff meets on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. For more information, contact Professor Jim Dahlman, faculty adviser (sjdahlman@milligan.edu).


Gain experience in live video streaming broadcasts! Students may sign up for Comm 185-Video Streaming and Production, for 1 to 3 credit hours. Students can volunteer if they don’t have room to add more hours to their schedule. We are looking for students that wish to be a part of the production team: operate cameras, graphics, direct, produce, line up halftime interviews, provide commentary (play by play or color) for athletic games such as Men’s and Women’s basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Women’s Softball and Men’s Baseball. We also stream various campus specialty events that occur during the semester. If you are interested in more information about this opportunity please contact Micah Ridley at MJRidley@milligan.edu.


WUMC is Milligan’s student operated campus radio station. The station broadcasts a variety of content including music, comedy, talk, live sports, live music and more! WUMC is broadcast on 90.5FM and is streamed online at milliganradio.com.

Shows are open to all students, and no prior experience is necessary. More details on how to sign up and the complete show lineup will be available in the fall at milliganradio.com. You can also follow WUMC on Facebook (WUMC Milligan Radio) or Twitter (@milliganradio).


Academic Calendar



Official AP and CLEP score transcripts will be evaluated by the Director of Testing. Credit will be granted according to the policies established by the Milligan Academic Committee and outlined in the Testing Services section of the Milligan catalog.

  • If you took an AP exam and requested an official score report to be sent to Milligan University, applicable credit should be applied to your Milligan transcript by your first day of classes.
  • CLEP exams may be taken at any authorized CLEP testing site and score reports sent to Milligan University. Credit for CLEP exams will not be granted after a student has earned a cumulative total of 64 hours of college credit.

Requirements for exams are subject to change upon the recommendation of the Academic Committee. If you have any questions regarding AP or CLEP credit, please contact Cindy Wymer, Director of Testing, at 423.461.8415.


Incoming freshmen may be pre-registered for COMP 093, Writing Strategies for College Success, based on their ACT writing sub-scores or SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing sub-scores. Students enrolled in COMP 093 and students who did not submit ACT/SAT scores must complete an online writing placement exam. The Registrar’s Office will send additional information about this placement test, which takes place through Canvas during the week before classes begin. After writing faculty evaluate each exam, students and advisors will be notified whether the exam supports dropping or completing Comp 093.


Students who have completed two years of high school French or Spanish and students who speak French or Spanish in their homes may take a placement exam to determine the appropriate level of language placement. These exams do not grant credit. They merely help faculty determine the level at which students should begin language study at Milligan. Students with placement exam scores at an advanced level may attempt to earn credit by taking a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exam. See the “Testing” section (“Academic Policies”) of the Milligan Catalog for a chart showing the CLEP scores required for Milligan credit.

The French and Spanish placement exams will be offered by appointment throughout the day on Monday, August 23. In early August, incoming students will receive instructions for scheduling an appointment. Students with questions in the meantime should contact Dr. Allysha Martin at ABMartin@milligan.edu


Transfer students who have not completed a math class must take a mathematics placement examination on Monday, August 23, at 10:00 a.m.. Performance on the proficiency examination determines placement in MATH 090, Math Strategies for College Success. Students who must complete the exam will be notified in early August.

Students enrolled in MATH 211, Calculus I, who have not demonstrated proficiency through another means must complete a calculus placement exam on Monday, August 23, at 10:00 a.m. Students who must complete the exam will be notified in early August.


All majors have a capstone requirement. In some cases, students complete this requirement in a capstone course. Students in other majors are required to take a senior exam.  Students in the following majors are required to complete senior exams in their final semester: Biology, Chemistry, Child and Youth Development (non-licensure), English, Exercise Science, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Political Science, and Social Work. Cindy Wymer, Director of Testing, will email students who are required to take exams with exam date/time/location details in October (December 2021 graduates) and March (May 2022 graduates).

Student Account & Student Records (FERPA)

Student Access: Students can view information about their academic record and student account in the University’s student records database (Self-Service) using the i.d. and password assigned, along with their date of birth and system i.d. given to the students by the Information Technology department. Among the information available to the students are semester class schedules, the University catalog, mid-term and final grades, unofficial transcripts, and charges and credits to the student’s account.

Parent Access: Students can authorize access for their parent(s) to their education records (grades and academic performance, student account and financial aid, student conduct and campus life) and allow oral and written communication with university personnel by completing an authorization form at www.milligan.edu/ferpa/.


Off-Campus Programs

Interested in studying abroad? Start planning now! Application deadline for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 travel is February 2022.

Learn more about Milligan’s Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs »


Milligan’s two libraries, P. H. Welshimer Library and the Seminary Library, offer a welcoming atmosphere with both individual and group study spaces, friendly staff, and excellent resources. Learn more at library.milligan.edu.

Career Development

Students interested in exploring God’s purpose for their lives will want to visit the Center for Calling and Career Development. Through the Center, students have access to tools to help them determine a major and find out more information on internships and future job opportunities.  For more info, check out the Center for Calling and Career Exploration.

Honors Program

The Honors Welcome Dinner for new and returning Honors Program students will be…date TBA….at President Greer’s House at Tara Court (watch for announcements). For more information about the Honors Program, visit www.milligan.edu/honors.

Nursing Students

Click here for an updated PDF with the laptop requirements for all Nursing majors enrolled 200, 300, and 400 level nursing courses.

Important Stuff

Computer Support & FREE Microsoft Office

Your my.milligan.edu email address entitles you to one free copy of Microsoft Office and one free Windows operating system upgrade. Click here to learn more »

If you need help accessing your Milligan account or email, visit it.milligan.edu, or visit the Kegley Computer Center, located in the lower level of the McMahan Student Center.

Emergency Alert System

Sign up once you have received your Milligan ID and login information

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to sign up (free) for the RAVE Alert mass notification system, which sends instant text and email alerts about emergency and crisis situations, including weather‐related schedule changes.

Sign up here once you have received your Milligan ID and login information. After opening the link, click on Register and enter your network ID (for students this is the ID you received containing the first four letters of your last name followed by four numbers; for faculty and staff this is your Milligan username) and password. From there you can follow the steps to complete your registration for the types of notifications you wish to receive. If you have problems registering for the service or have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 423.461.8704 or helpdesk@milligan.edu.

Safety & Security

For more information about Milligan’s annual security report, Sexual Misconduct Policy, and other safety information, view here »


The Milligan Bookstore offers two options for purchasing textbooks online for traditional students.

  • IN STORE: Purchase “in store” upon arrival to campus.  We print personalized textbook lists and pull all required textbooks for students at checkout.
    • Purchase online and have textbooks shipped to your home or office; with expedited shipping services available for overnight and two day air. We also offer a free shipping service over the summer (summer terms only).
    • Purchase online for in store pick-up.  (preorder)

Laundry Cards

Milligan offers access to laundry equipment in several on-campus laundry facilities.  Students have access to the Speed Queen payment app, which allows users to load funds and pay for laundry use through the app, view available washers and dryers on their phones, and receive notifications when wash and dry cycles are complete.  Instructions for the use of the app are posted in each laundry room and can be found here »

Mailbox & Post Office Information

To receive mail on-campus, you must rent a PO Box online (enter 37682 and scroll down to find “Milligan College/University”). Mail is not delivered to residence halls. Any regular mail addressed to students and received by the school will be returned to sender.
Postal Mail SENT
Packages sent U.P.S.
OR other ground service:
Student’s Name
PO Box #
Milligan, TN 37682Click here to rent a PO Box »
Student’s Name, C/O Milligan University Physical Plant

Student’s Residence Hall and Room Number,

130 Richardson Road,

Milligan, TN 37682


All students, faculty, and staff must register each motorized vehicle to be driven and parked on campus.  Vehicles may be registered online here (or go to Milligan Today > Resources > Vehicle Registration). Vehicles brought to campus at any time during the year must be registered immediately, including new, borrowed, temporary, or rental vehicles.

There is a $100 fine for not registering a vehicle or not displaying a sticker. See the vehicle policy in the Student Handbook for details on vehicle and parking policy.

Student Conduct

All students at Milligan are expected to uphold the expectations and responsibilities for student lifestyles at Milligan University. Milligan University adopts specific rules on the basis of the belief that God’s Word, as the final rule of faith and practice, speaks on many matters pertaining to personal conduct. Therefore, behavior that conflicts with Scripture is unacceptable. Historically, communities also have developed guidelines that help put into practice basic moral and social principles. Such standards serve as a guide toward worthwhile goals relevant to one’s academic, spiritual, social, and physical well-being. Students should consult the Student Handbook for further guidance regarding acceptable personal lifestyle and conduct while enrolled at Milligan University. A student’s matriculation and enrollment at Milligan University is their pledge to uphold the policies and expectations outlined in the Student Handbook and Catalog.

Notice of Nondiscrimination/ Commitment to All People

As members of the Milligan University community and in faithfulness to the teaching of Scripture, we commit ourselves to honoring and broadening the diversity of our community and to treating every person with respect, dignity, and love. By reflecting the diversity of God’s kingdom, the University bears witness to that kingdom and equips students to serve in a diverse and interdependent world.  In accordance with the Age Discrimination Act, Title IX, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Milligan University admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at Milligan. Milligan does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.

Concerns relating to sex discrimination should be addressed to the University’s Title IX Coordinator:

Brent Nipper, Director of Property and Risk Management
PO Box 750
Little Hartland Welcome Center
Milligan, TN 37682

Questions about disability services and ADA compliance issues should be addressed to:

Heather Cramer, Director of Disability Services
P.O. Box 500
McMahan Student Center
Milligan, TN 37682

Personal Property Insurance

You may want to consider a personal property insurance policy. Milligan does not endorse any specific provider, but one option for this coverage is available at National Student Services, Inc. (NSSI). You might also check with the insurance agency used by your family.


Payment Due Before Classes Start

All financial aid processes should be completed and the remaining balance paid by the due date on your statement. Registration will be cancelled for students who have not completed ALL financial aid processes AND paid the balance due on the Wednesday before classes begin. See the Milligan Catalog for more details.

The following should be completed by the due date on your statement:

  • Pay entire balance due or enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan
  • Sign and return Financial Aid Offer
  • Complete master promissory note
  • Complete on-line entrance interview for first time borrowers
  • Return all documents requested for verification, if applicable
  • Submit pre-approval for alternative loans
  • Submit final high school transcript (first year students)
  • Complete Parent Plus loan application, if applicable
  • Communicate to SFS all payments expected from VA or 529 savings plans
  • Submit immunization form

This is not an exhaustive list of tasks which might need to be completed. See your SFS counselor about your specific situation.

Any student with an unpaid balance as of 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before classes begin will have their registration cancelled and will not be allowed to attend classes. In order to re-enroll, students will have to satisfactorily resolve all financial issues and will be assessed a $250 re-enrollment fee.

Payment Options

Milligan offers an interest-free payment plan that is an easy, affordable way to pay for the year’s charges (not covered by other aid). You can also pay with cash, checks, credit/debit cards, or make payments online.


For a complete list of charges, visit Student Financial Services »

Work-study & Campus Jobs

If you have accepted a work study award on your Financial Aid Offer, starting June 1 you can apply for desired work study jobs. Activate your account by going to Career Development, click on the link for Buffs2Work on the right side of the page. Select new student then enter your name and Milligan email address. Work study jobs are indicated as “Work Study” in the column titled Type. Once approved for a job, you will receive a work-study contract and onboarding instructions via email. Wages earned through work study positions are paid twice monthly.

If you have not been awarded a work study award but would like to have one or any other campus job, starting June 1 you may see what jobs are available. You may go ahead & activate your account by going to Career Development, click on the link for Buffs2Work on the right side of the page. Select new student then enter your name and Milligan email address. You can submit an application for a job even though you have not been awarded. You will also see other campus jobs available that are not a part of the work study program.

If you have any questions about your work study award, contact Student Financial Services at 800.447.4880. If you have questions about your work study job assignment, please contact the Work Study Director at 423.461.8483 or tnbrinn@milligan.edu.

Check Your Email for Notifications

Your Milligan University email account is used regularly to notify you of important information regarding your financial aid and/or student account.


Complete policies and detailed information regarding financial aid and student accounts can be found in the University Catalog.



Checklist for New Students

JULY 1: Roommate and housing assignments are mailed to new students IF all paperwork has been completed and deposit paid.

☑ JULY 15:  Final transcripts due. Submit your final high school or college (transfer) transcripts and grades. See Admitted Student page for details.

AUG 1:  Immunization Form due. No roommate assignments until completed. All students are required by law to submit a completed Health and Immunization Record prior to attending classes.

☑ AUG 21: Check in to your residence hall

☑ AUG 21: Complete online check-in. All traditional undergraduate students must check-in before classes begin. See details above in Registration section »

☑ AUG 23:  Pay & finalize all financial aid before the first day of class to avoid having your registration cancelled. Read more »

☑ AUG 24: Classes start. View the Academic Calendar for the year, as well as other course schedule information.

And Everything Else You Need to Know to Help with Your Transition (or almost everything…)

So by now you probably feel like you have a pretty good handle on the logistical details, but that still doesn’t answer the question of “What do I really need to bring?” and “Is there anything to do in East Tennessee?”  Well, where you have questions, we have answers.  Here are some helpful words of wisdom to aid in your transition to Milligan.

  • Pack light! You really don’t need to pack everything you own, we promise!  Check out the Residence Life page to see a list of items that you might need to bring. If you need a moving truck to get here, then you are probably bringing way too much stuff.
  • Bring an umbrella! Or a raincoat (or those cute rainboots you have needed an excuse to buy!). Now, we need to be clear on this one.  Rain is not something that happens every day around here–oftentimes the sun is shining and all you will want to do is study outside–however, for those days when it does rain, walking to class can be kind-of-less-than-pleasant if you are not properly prepared.  And profs probably won’t accept “I forgot my umbrella…in California” as an excuse for you to turn in a rain smeared paper.
  • Be prepared to study! Start good habits early–as in the first week of class! With all the transitions necessary to come to college, your first year of classes can be a REAL challenge. The suggested study time is two hours for every credit hour you are in class. Use the planner we give you and create a study schedule as soon as you get your syllabi.  You won’t regret it.
  • Don’t panic! The transition to college takes time. You may get a couple of poor test scores at the beginning and you may not make your BFF for life in your first week. People adjust to college at different rates. If you’re struggling in a class, talk to your professor or find one of our free tutors. If you’re feeling lonely, join an activity until you find one that fits! And never hesitate to seek out a faculty or staff member to talk.
  • Be creative with your free time! As we all know, eating out all of the time and going to the movies two nights each weekend will EVENTUALLY cause your budget to dry out–probably sooner than later. So be creative with what you do with your time.  There are ALWAYS fun things going on around campus, so stick around and be a part of what makes Campus Life such an incredible part of the Milligan experience.  Or, if you just need to get off campus, then go camping in the mountains, or pack up a picnic and head to the lake.  There is so much to do around here that will not empty your bank account.  Take advantage of all of the great things this community has to offer!
  • Get involved! It is not a secret that many companies are looking to hire individuals who are well-rounded and show leadership abilities. A liberal arts education provides you with amazing opportunities to develop as a person. You have made the right choice of schools; now it is time to take full advantage of what a liberal arts education has to offer. Campus Life offers a myriad of socialization and leadership opportunities. Too many students go through college without meeting new friends, without becoming a member of a social or service organization, and without an appreciation for their alma mater. Budget your time to include social events, church involvement, Bible studies, and physical exercise.
  • Take pride in your school! Plan to see a few games while you are on campus. With over 20 competitive men’s and women’s athletic teams, there is always something to cheer for! Your classmates appreciate your support, so whether it’s soccer, basketball, baseball, or a host of others, get out there and root for your school.  This is also a great opportunity for you to see faculty and staff members in a more casual setting, cheering right along with you!
  • It is OK if you do not have a car! Some students survive four years without one. Cars are expensive to maintain and can quickly diminish your cash flow. Not having one forces you to meet other people by finding rides home for break, to church, the mall, etc. Note: Students majoring in nursing, teacher education,  and other programs with off campus course practicums are responsible for their own transportation to off-campus sites. 
  • Ask questions! When you need help, if you are getting behind in your studies, if you do not understand something that is going on in your residence hall, ask someone about it.  Do not fear–there is no such thing as a bad question and this community wants to help you.