Fitzroy Harris

Fitzroy Harris

Senior Athletic Recruitment Coordinator

Phone: 423.461.8329
Office: Little Hartland

Hi there potential Milliganite!

My name is Fitzroy Harris. I am from Montego Bay, Jamaica. I lived there most of my life until Milligan found me in 2010 and offered me an athletic scholarship. I am your Admissions Counselor who will make your college application as seamless as possible while we get you prepared for your life changing experience at Milligan.

I graduated from Milligan in May 2014 with a major in Business and a minor in Communications. I also ran track for four years. Those four years were the most transformational years in my life and the Milligan experience made it possible. You too can have the same, and even a better, Milligan experience.

If there are any questions you have about the college admissions process, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone at 423.461.8329, or preferably by email at I assure you that your life changing experience awaits you.