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Forward Ever: The Campaign for Milligan

Since 1866, Milligan has sought to honor God by educating men and women to be servant leaders. Over the years, thousands have come to Milligan to prepare for lives of service as doctors, nurses, lawyers, business professionals, educators, missionaries, ministers, and in a host of other careers. Because of its singular focus upon carrying out this noble mission, Milligan has flourished, reaching record enrollments, expanding and beautifying its campus, and further strengthening its finances. Milligan is stronger than ever and is well positioned to continue increasing its impact upon the world, thanks to the loyal support of our alumni, churches, faculty, staff, students, trustees, and friends of the university.

As we embark on Milligan’s next 150 years, we celebrate Milligan’s commitment to Scholarship, Community, and Faith with the second phase of Forward Ever: The Campaign for Milligan, an effort to help bolster key initiatives that support Milligan’s long-range plan, furthering Milligan’s reach and impact upon the world. We invite you to join with us in moving Milligan Forward Ever.

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The Initiative for Scholarship
The Initiative for Community
The Initiative for Faith

Forward Ever: Milligan's Mission

Homecoming 2014: Forward Ever Announcement Highlights

Homecoming 2014: Forward Ever Campaign Announcement



Long Range Objective: We will offer high quality, regionally and nationally respected academic programs that support the university’s mission and are relevant to the marketplace and our students.

To build on a track record of solid academic achievement, we will continue to build our academic reputation both regionally and nationally. We will appeal to students with strong potential for Christian leadership by attracting and retaining the most qualified Christian faculty, administration, and staff, and by developing and improving academic programs and incorporating innovative approaches and resources to meet the educational needs of our students today and in the future.

Funding Priorities

Milligan Fund

Our most crucial need each and every year, the Milligan Fund addresses the need for affordability and access by providing funds for scholarships, faculty support, and student life.

New Program Development

For Milligan to continue to grow, funds must be secured for new academic majors, programs, and initiatives; such programs include an Engineering major, a Physician Assistant master’s degree, and the addition of Emmanuel Christian Seminary within the School of Bible and Ministry.

Science Building Renovations

To ensure Milligan’s competitiveness now and in the future, Milligan’s 40-year-old science building must be renovated and enhanced.

P. H. Welshimer Library

P.H. Welshimer Library Renovations

To maintain a vibrant university library, the building’s current infrastructure must be improved. Facility improvements are needed to increase accessibility and energy efficiency and to promote a healthier, environmentally sustainable building.


Milligan’s endowment is an essential component to the future growth and stability of the university and must be increased.



For more information on partnering with Milligan in moving Forward Ever, please contact 800.447.5922. To give now, visit www.milligan.edu/donate.


Long Range Objective: We will be a strong, vibrant, and diverse Christian collegiate community of 2,000 students.

We will build an even stronger sense of Christian and collegiate community that embraces the diversity of God’s creation. We will do this by providing additional opportunities for Christian service and leadership; by further developing programs for spiritual growth; by enhancing wellness programs and competitive athletics; and by maintaining, improving, and expanding the campus.

Funding Priorities

Residence Hall Renovation and Expansion

To accommodate enrollment growth and to meet the changing needs of today’s students, additional residence halls must be constructed, and older residence halls must be enhanced.

The Milligan Village

Multipurpose Athletic, Academic, and Student Center

Additional space for intramurals, intercollegiate athletic practice and training, lab and classroom space for the university’s exercise science programs, as well as rehearsal and event space must be provided for future growth and expansion.

Track and Soccer Complex

A facility to house Milligan’s successful track program, which currently must practice and compete elsewhere, needs to be constructed.


Anglin Field Improvements

Milligan’s current athletic fields need to be enhanced to make them more fan-friendly and welcoming, as well as to increase competitiveness for our scholar athletes.

Campus Infrastructure and Expansion

Over the past 150 years, leaders with foresight have seen to it that Milligan’s campus has grown to meet the needs of our student body. Milligan’s next 150 years will require the same eye toward future growth as the Lord provides us with ways to expand the campus.




For more information on partnering with Milligan in moving Forward Ever, please contact 800.447.5922. To give now, visit www.milligan.edu/donate.


Long Range Objective: We will have increasing global impact by developing servant leaders with a Christian worldview.

We will continue to change lives and shape culture through a commitment to Christian leadership. This will be done by helping students form a Christian worldview and by offering programs that develop leaders who are prepared to serve and influence society.

The integration of Emmanuel Christian Seminary into Milligan extends our reach into graduate programs in Bible and ministry, and continues Emmanuel’s service to the church by preparing men and women for a variety of vocational ministries.

Funding Priorities

Emmanuel Christian Seminary

In order to better serve the church as we prepare the next generation of Christian leaders for ministry and the marketplace, Emmanuel Christian Seminary will be fully integrated into Milligan. This endeavor has associated legal, administrative, and infrastructure expenses.

Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Seeger Memorial Chapel

Seeger Chapel Enhancements

Since 1967, Seeger Chapel has served Milligan University and the community as a worship and arts venue. In recent years, this iconic facility has seen significant improvements in the Mary B. Martin Auditorium. Additional enhancements are needed to improve the facility’s audio and visual capabilities, add and enhance rehearsal space, and improve the building’s infrastructure and accessibility.

Cross-Cultural and Experiential Spiritual Development Programs

Milligan students have been able to experience spiritual development through numerous programs such as missions trips; ministry-focused, off campus internships; and the university’s spiritual formation program that includes chapel services and convocations.

Additional funds will help bolster programs like Milligan’s Semester in Ministry, as well as enable more students to attend conferences, retreats, and seminars that will strengthen their readiness to serve in the church and the marketplace.



For more information on partnering with Milligan in moving Forward Ever, please contact 800.447.5922. To give now, visit www.milligan.edu/donate.

Join Us

Join Milligan in moving Forward EVER


Your prayers are essential to Forward Ever: The Campaign for Milligan. Without a doubt, God’s hand is at work at Milligan University. You can be a part of shaping our future by praying for God’s blessing and guidance upon the efforts of our trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and our students as they seek His will for their lives and for Milligan.


Your advocacy is critical as this campaign moves forward. Your help in identifying individuals, churches, organizations, and prospective students who might join us in our ministry is important to our long-term success.

Financial Support

Your financial support is vital as Milligan moves forward to attract and retain students who will excel in their academic and professional careers while modeling Christ-like servant leadership.



For more information on partnering with Milligan in moving Forward Ever, please contact 800.447.5922. To give now, visit www.milligan.edu/donate.


Phase II Accomplishments

Dollars raised: $26.5 million toward a $40 million goal

The Initiative for Scholarship

  • Over $4 million given for annually funded scholarships
  • New academic majors in:
    • Computer Science, Economics, Music Business, Political Science
    • Social Work
    • Certificate of Graduate Study in Counseling Ministry
    • Master of Science in Counseling
  • Minors in: Graphic Design, International Studies, Physics, and Social Work
  • Honors Program
  • Paul Clark Chair of Teacher Education
  • Numerous Endowed Scholarships
  • Naming of The William B. Greene Jr. School of Business and Technology


  • The Milligan Village (Jeanes, McAnally, Pardee, Wigginton and Hampton Halls)
  • The Milligan Grill
  • Fieldhouse enhancements
  • Tara Court


  • Numerous student mission trips supported
  • Support for modernization of Seeger Chapel

Phase I Accomplishments

Milligan’s Forward Ever Phase I campaign exceeded many goals, including having raised $28 million toward a $25 million financial goal. Here are just a few of the things we accomplished with the support of 4,500 alumni and friends.


  • Gregory Center for the Liberal Arts completed
  • Walker Lecture Hall in Derthick Hall
  • Wilson Lecture Hall in Hardin Hall
  • Hyder Auditorium in the Science Building
  • Conversion from analog to digital technology in the Paxson Communications Building
  • Renovations and upgrades to the P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library
  • Science Building improvements
  • McCormick Dining Center interior design improvements, new furnishings and serving equipment
  • Renovation of the Mary B. Martin Auditorium in Seeger Chapel
  • Residence hall lobby furnishings and painting
  • Campuswide beautification and enhancement projects:
    • New and improved landscaping throughout the campus
    • New lighting, benches, pathways and paving
    • New campus entrance and sign
    • Campus artwork including a new buffalo mascot, Celtic cross sculpture, and paintings in the Gregory Center lobby
    • SUB 7 student lounge and coffee house improvements
    • Sutton Hall lobby renovation
    • New fountain honoring retired President and Mrs. Jeanes
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certified Gilliam Wellness Center
  • Tennis Pavilion at the Mathes Tennis Center
  • Citizen’s Bank Athletic Training Center, new coaches’ office complex, and athlete weight room upgrades in Steve Lacy Fieldhouse


  • New adult degree completion program in Early Childhood Education
  • New MBA location in Morristown, Tennessee
  • New ITV location in Mountain City, Tennessee, and at  Mayland Community College, offering Early Childhood Education program
  • New majors in Allied Health and Child Life
  • Transfer agreements with Gatton and Mercer colleges of pharmacy
  • New online programs in Computer Information Systems and Master of Education
  • Expanded online course offerings across the curriculum
  • Pathways to Success program to increase services to community college transfer students
  • New honors major in interdisciplinary studies
  • Funding for the Goah program and Office of Diversity Services
  • Continued funding for the Institute for Servant Leadership and Youth in Ministry programs
  • Funding for campus ministry programs and short-term mission trips
  • Creation Care grant and environmental sustainability initiatives


  • The Akard-McDowell Scholarship
  • The Charles T. Carroll Scholarship
  • Sue Chapman Memorial Scholarship
  • Clyde and Faye Clanton Scholarship
  • Nell S. and Glenn F. Corlew Scholarship
  • Edward Lynn Cothran Memorial Scholarship
  • The LTC Michael Edward Crowell Endowed Scholarship
  • Horace W. Dabney Endowed Scholarship
  • The First Christian Church of Johnson City Scholarship
  • William H. Garst Scholarship
  • The Goah Scholarship
  • The Greer-Mahan Scholarship
  • Robert and Velma Hall Social Learning Scholarship
  • Ona Laura Hampton Nursing Scholarship
  • Roy and Wanda Lee Hampton Scholarship
  • Marshall and Judy Hayden Scholarship
  • Dennis and Cookie Helsabeck Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert and Ruth Helsabeck Endowed Scholarship
  • The Howey Memorial Scholarship
  • Don and Clarinda Jeanes Christian Leadership Endowment
  • Michael Albert Johnson Scholarship Fund
  • Barbara and W. Marion Kincheloe Endowed Scholarship
  • Lane Whitney Lawson Scholarship
  • Shelly Lee Scholarship
  • Cpt. Brian Letendre Scholarship Fund
  • James E. and Elizabeth D. Lewis Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Guy and Thelma Mayfield Missionary Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. David L. McQueen Scholarship
  • The Mountain Mission Scholarship
  • James K. and Julia A. Musick Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Olbert Clark Noble Endowed Scholarship
  • The Richard Phillips Outstanding Legal Studies Student Scholarship
  • Boyd S. Ray Endowed Scholarship
  • The Bill Rhoades Outstanding Accounting Student Scholarship
  • The Dr. A. Dain Samples Ministerial Scholarship
  • The Shipley-Swann Endowed Scholarship
  • Martin and Louise Smith Scholarship for the Handicapped
  • F. Lee and Florence Vincent Endowed Scholarship
  • Emerald Webb ALM Scholarship
  • Palmer and Elva Young Ministry Scholarship