MRC Placement Questions for Church

  • God confirms and sustains our callings in community. The questions below will help the Ministry Resource Center best pair your church or ministry with the vision and values of a qualified candidate. So, let’s get to know each other.
  • General Information

  • Church Information

  • (Urban, suburban, rural, etc. Maybe include population, what community is known for, etc.)
  • *2 Part Question*
  • In addition to this question, please feel free to provide as much information as you choose about the church financial situation (if you want to upload a file, you can do so below)
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • Position Specific

  • You can answer this 2-part question with text below and if you choose, you may also upload a file of the Organizational Chart (making sure to show where this position)
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • (i.e. Title, demographic ministering to, job description, expectations, budget for this specific ministry, etc.). *You may also upload a file below with the information if you choose
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 20 MB.
    • (Examples: is this a new position because the church is growing or expanding it's ministry? If this is an existing position, why is it now open/what happened to the previous minister? Is the leadership all on board with this position or is there hesitation from some? Etc.
    • Staff Well-being

    • Theological Values