Area of Scientific Learning

Superior training is what students interested in the medical, science, math, or technical fields will find in Milligan’s Scientific Learning Area. Through classroom and lab experiences, various research and internship opportunities, and use of online tools, students can explore new technology and become critical thinkers who can successfully comprehend and communicate scientific knowledge.


We like our science students to gain research and internship experience in addition to classroom and lab learning. Our faculty help arrange and oversee internships and shadowing opportunities at locations such as Eastman, Delray/Crown Labs, and Ballad Health (formerly Mountain States Health Alliance). Students can also gain valuable experience as lab assistants in the science courses.

Facilities & Equipment

The Science Building is devoted to biological, physical, and chemical sciences at Milligan. It contains five 24-station labs, multiple classrooms, and a gross anatomy lab. Chemistry instrumentation includes a Buck Model 500 Infrared Spectrophotometer, Libra S32-PC Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer, and Agilent Model 1120 Compact High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Real Science

We take science seriously, but we enjoy learning and we like our students to experience science on many levels. Hands-on learning is provided in every area, from building a trebuchet in math modeling class, to annual science trips to the Outer Banks, the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., the national parks, and local field studies throughout the Southern Appalachians, an area rich in bio-diversity and beauty. Explore and enjoy nature through courses in birdwatching, ecology, flora and fauna of the Appalachians.

Successful Graduates

Graduates are working in biomedical and biological sciences, education, industry, engineering, healthcare, research, and government services, including the FBI, DEA, and CDC. Our graduates perform very competitively in post-baccalaureate programs (such as medical, dental, pharmacy, and other graduate schools) throughout the country. Many are serving as physicians and medical missionaries throughout the world.


Dr. Brian Eisenback

Brian Eisenback

Associate Professor of Biology; Area Chair of Scientific Learning

Phone: 423.461.8963
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Office: Science Building