Complete a IS and Business double major

No prior college?

Milligan has a flexible and affordable way for you to complete your degree, with double majors in Business and Information Systems.

  • No prior college necessary
  • Start the program at the time that is convenient for you — fall, spring, or summer
  • Get a personalized degree plan to map out exactly what you need and how to do it
  • Take as many courses per semester as fit your workload
  • Most courses offered online
  • Tuition is lower than state university rate; no hidden fees
  • We work with tuition reimbursement plans; Most students are eligible for financial aid

Milligan can help you advance your position or salary or change your career path altogether. Whatever you do, be a servant leader.



Students first complete the 42-credit hour online IS major from the comfort of their own home or office, followed by the 48-hour Business Administration major which has a combination of online and on-campus courses, all of which are adult-friendly. General Education courses are interspersed throughout, as fits your schedule. A Personalized Degree Plan will map it all out for you from start to finish.

You can take just one class at a time or move as quickly as you’d like. No previous college experience is required to begin the IS-Business double major.

Information Systems (IS-Mobile)

IS-M courses, which follow the ACM Curricular Model, mirror those available to traditional, on-site students at Milligan. The major encompasses all aspects of the IS discipline, from programming to networking to systems analysis and software development. The program uses videos and simulations for fundamental, hands-on labs.

On-site and online IS courses are taught simultaneously within each 15-week semester. Courses are delivered to the student via Milligan’s Internet course management system and the technology development lab, using a server dedicated to facilitate student access to software supplied by Milligan to enrolled students.


The business administration major consists of 48 semester hours. Completing the major takes approximately 16 months. Completion of the degree is dependent upon the outstanding degree requirements.

The curriculum prepares students for a broad range of business and management careers. Take courses in leadership, economics, accounting, business statistics, corporate finance, marketing, management, operations management, human resource management, business ethics, business law, international business, and business strategy. View course descriptions here.

Other Options

Already completed some college and want a Computer Information Systems degree?  Consider our IS-Mobile program »

Already completed some college and want to complete your degree in Business?  Ask about our Business degree completion program »


Tuition for the program is one of the most economical programs in our region and is even priced below the local state university rate. Students in this program are eligible to apply for state and federal tuition assistance programs and for employer reimbursement when applicable.

Read more about cost and financial aid here »

Personalized Degree Plan

We offer a free Personalized Degree Plan that reviews your transcripts and past credit to determine exactly what your degree plan will be and how long it will take you. This ultimately saves you time and money by making sure you stay on track to complete your degree without any surprises and as quickly as you can. Email to get your process started.


Teaching you is more than a job to our faculty — it’s a mission. They are dedicated teachers, experienced professionals, and trusted mentors who invest time, energy, and ideas to inspire you and help you reach your highest potential. It’s not just a degree. It’s your future.

Milligan also offers you a “support team” in the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies that is experienced and ready to help. We care about your success. We’ll work with you from your first question to graduation. We’ll help you develop a degree plan that makes the most of your time and money. We provide an orientation to our campus and to the program prior to your first class. We do our best to make your life easier.

You’ll find our small classes consist of students like you, with similar priorities — families, jobs, church and civic responsibilities, and a variety of other commitments. The support of your classmates will be invaluable. And your classes will be taught by Christian faculty who are known for their teaching skills, professional experience, academic credentials, and for their personal attention to students.


Milligan College has earned the respect of employers locally and throughout the U.S. Our graduates are leaders in many corporations and organizations. In Milligan’s program, you’ll learn from an experienced faculty, analyzing real life case studies and doing Internet research. You’ll study a broad range of computer and business topics that you can apply immediately. You’ll be able to pull together all your previous college work so that at last your goal will be in sight. And we make it easy for you to get started!

Nationally Ranked

Milligan’s online Information Systems (IS-Mobile) program was ranked No. 16 in the nation by, a website devoted to help those seeking a future in the tech industry. Milligan’s IS-M program was evaluated on a number of criteria and metrics including online tuition cost compared to other programs, student-faculty ratio, six-year graduation rate, percentage of students receiving financial aid, academic and career counseling services, and the college’s number of online computer science-related bachelor’s programs.

How to Apply

Students must meet the college’s admissions requirements, but no previous college courses are needed. Call us today at 423.461.8662 or email Rebecca Banton to learn more!

Expectations and Responsibilities

All students at Milligan are expected to uphold the expectations and responsibilities for student lifestyles of Milligan College. We at Milligan adopt specific rules on the basis of our belief that God’s Word, as the final rule of faith and practice, speaks on many matters pertaining to personal conduct. Specifically, the Milligan College adult student agrees to abide by a lifestyle commitment in which he or she refrains from illegal drugs, pornography, profanity, dishonesty, sexual immorality, unethical conduct, vandalism, and immodest dress. Students are expected to seek to serve Christ in an atmosphere of trust, encouragement, and respect for one another.


Dr. David Campbell

David Campbell

Associate Professor of Economics; Director of the MBA Program; Area Chair of Business

Phone: 423.461.8674
Contact via email
Office: Price Business Center, 005


Dr. Carolyn Carter

Carolyn Carter

Associate Dean of the William B. Greene, Jr. School of Business and Technology; Professor of Computer Information Systems and Business Administration; Don and Clarinda Jeanes Chair of Servant Leadership

Phone: 423.461.8670
Contact via email
Office: Derthick Hall, 300B


Kristal Dove

Kristal Dove

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Phone: 423.461.8672
Contact via email
Office: Price Business Center, 003


Dr. Bill Greer

Bill Greer

President; J. Henry Kegley Chair of Business and Economics; Professor of Business and Economics

Phone: 423.461.8710
Contact via email
Office: Little Hartland


Dr. Shannon Hogan

Shannon Hogan

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Phone: 423.461.8491
Contact via email
Office: Price Business Center Office #002


Dr. Vikki Sitter

Vikki Sitter

Professor Emerita of Business Administration

Phone: 423.461.8941
Contact via email
Office: Price Business Center, 001


Heather Vaccaro

Heather Vaccaro

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Phone: 423.461.8498
Contact via email
Office: Price Business Center, 005


Dr. Brad Ward

Brad Ward

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Phone: 423.794.3082
Contact via email
Office: Price Business Center 014