The three-year Bachelor’s degree option accelerates the traditional undergraduate process and is perfect for highly-motivated students. With an academically rigorous schedule, students save time and reach the workforce or graduate school earlier while still gaining the skills and experience their career paths demand. You also can still engage fully in campus life—be an athlete, lead a club, complete an internship (or two), conduct research with a professor, and be in on all the Milligan traditions.

Graduating in three years requires full-time enrollment for three consecutive fall and spring semesters as well as two summer terms, as outlined in the chart below. You’ll complete a total of 128 credits, including core curriculum, major, and optional minor or elective courses. Dual enrollment or AP credits may reduce your load or the need for some summer sessions.




Year 1

15-18 hrs 17 hrs 9-11 hrs

Year 2

17-18 hrs 17-18 hrs 9-11 hrs

Year 3

16-18 hrs 17-18 hrs

*Actual hours depend on the declared major. Students should see the designated course sequence and discuss with their assigned academic advisor.


The three-year bachelor’s degree option is currently available to students who major in: 

One-on-One Academic Advising

Accelerated curricula will vary depending on your major and whether or not you enroll with any AP (advanced placement), dual enrollment, or transfer credits. We will match you with a faculty advisor who will provide careful and informed academic advising to keep you on the path to graduation.

If a student enrolls in Milligan on a 3-year plan and later decides to change, they need to discuss any changes with their academic advisor and SFS counselor. 


Students pay regular tuition and fees for their fall and spring semesters and qualify for the usual institutional, state, and federal aid. For summer terms, students pay the Milligan summer tuition rate per credit hour ($395 for Summer 2020). Institutional aid is not available during summer terms since the summer rate is already a reduced rate. Students should talk with Student Financial Services to understand if/how their federal aid may be impacted.


Students should complete Milligan’s standard admission process. Following admission to Milligan, students will be asked to complete a Form of Intent for the 3-year program. They will then meet with their assigned academic advisor to plan their schedule.

Milligan suggests a student have a minimum of a 3.0 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) to pursue the 3-year degree plan.

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