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William B. Greene Jr., School of Business & Technology

Milligan provides an excellent preparation for students entering law school.

Milligan does not recommend or offer a major in “pre-law” as such. This stand is in keeping with both the broad educational philosophy of Milligan and the philosophy expressed by the Statement of the Association of American Law Schools on Prelegal Education. American law schools do not encourage the undergraduate student to “learn the law,” but rather stress the necessity of the pre-law student’s acquiring certain comprehensive skills, such as “comprehension and expression in words,” “critical understanding of human institutions and values,” and the development of “creative power of thinking.” While a student planning for a specific phase of the law (e.g., tax law) may find certain undergraduate majors or courses desirable (e.g., business or accounting), any solid academic major is equally acceptable to American law schools and recommended by Milligan.

Students considering law school who wish to have exposure to foundational legal subjects are encouraged to obtain a minor in Legal Studies. The courses in Milligan’s Legal Studies minor are designed to enhance knowledge of the American legal system, the legal profession and foundational legal topics. Embracing a Christian world-view, the Legal Studies minor will help students develop an appreciation for the unique responsibility Christian legal professionals have in society.