Business Administration

William B. Greene Jr., School of Business & Technology

This major (B.A. or B.S.) prepares you with strong competency in business management and allows you to choose from one of several concentrations, allowing for in-depth study in a specific field. Students can also choose to participate in the 10-week international Business Institute in Europe or one of several off-campus study programs offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. A Business minor is also available.

Core Courses

In addition to the concentrations listed below, all students in this major take core courses that provide:

  • Business administration – provides students with the broad base of knowledge and level of technical competence necessary to succeed in a business setting
  • Management, marketing, business law, and ethics – expose students to the fundamental principles of business administration while providing the preparation necessary to continue study in upper level courses
  • Economics – develops in the student the ability to analyze and understand economic principles and institutions from an historical as well as a contemporary point of view
  • Accounting – provide students the requisite knowledge for understanding the financial aspects of the business enterprise

These courses furnish the theoretical background necessary for the achievement of a particular vocational or professional goal. They also constitute the academic basis for graduate study in business and related fields.



Accounting – The accounting concentration enables business students to deepen their understanding of accounting concepts as they relate to the business organization. This concentration is recommended for students anticipating business careers requiring accounting knowledge at an advanced level, yet short of requiring an accounting major.


Economics – The economics concentration provides students with a deeper exposure to economic principles and institutions from an historical and modern perspective. The concentration is recommended as an alternative for students interested in careers in banking, finance, or economics.


Finance – More details coming soon.


General – The general concentration allows students to select any nine hours of course work from economics, business administration, or accounting. This concentration is generally intended for those selecting business administration as a second major and is available with adviser permission only.

Health Sector Management

Health Sector Management – The health sector management concentration is intended to prepare the student for an administrative career in the health care industry. In addition to required course work, students selecting this concentration must complete six hours of internship credit by on-site, supervised work at a hospital, long-term care, or other medical facility.

International Business

International Business – Students may select a concentration in international business by either completing the required coursework at Milligan or by participating in a ten-week academic program abroad through Milligan’s affiliation with the International Business Institute (endorsed by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities). Completion of this concentration requires the student to attend the Institute during a summer session following completion of the required core courses at Milligan College. A student’s course of study can often be designed so that graduation is possible following seven semesters of study at Milligan College in addition to the summer Institute. Students pursuing the international business concentration are strongly encouraged to demonstrate competency in a foreign language through, at least, the intermediate level.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies – The legal studies concentration is designed to provide business administration majors a deeper understanding and exposure to legal issues affecting business. The concentration is recommended for any business administration student who anticipates a business career requiring a legal background.


Management – The management concentration consists of courses designed to prepare students for successful careers in business and organizational management or administration.


Marketing – Students wishing to pursue careers in marketing, sales, or advertising should select the marketing concentration.

Secondary Education Licensure

Secondary Education Licensure – The secondary education licensure concentration consists of six hours of additional courses, preparing students to teach business on the secondary level (grades 7 – 12).

Sports Management

Sports Management – The sports management concentration consists of courses designed to prepare students for successful careers in the growing field of sports management.


View all details and course requirements for this program in the Milligan College Catalog (link below). The Milligan College academic catalog is the official, authoritative source for all academic requirements and policies. Any discrepancies in curricular requirements from other sources will default to the Catalog.


What can I do with a degree in Business Administration?

Download a list of potential careers in Business Administration.

Accelerated Plan

Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Plan (5 Year BS+ MBA)

If you are an exceptional Milligan undergraduate business student with demonstrated leadership potential, outstanding grades, and personal maturity, the accelerated bachelor’s + MBA plan can give you a fast start on your career. This is a 4+1 (5 year) plan that gives you the opportunity to complete the MBA program in one academic year (+ May term) after receiving a bachelor’s degree. With faculty approval, students take a specific set of MBA prerequisites during their undergraduate program, apply to the MBA program during their senior year, and take an MBA class during their senior year if qualified. The student then completes the MBA program the following year.


  • Take an MBA course in the spring of your senior year, allowing you to complete the Milligan MBA in one additional year + May term, saving time and money
  • Secure your spot in the MBA program
  • Get a fast start on your career
  • Continue learning from your Milligan faculty and gain the credentials and strong reputation of the Milligan MBA


  1. Major in business administration at Milligan
  2. Complete and Submit (to the GPS Office) the Participation form for the Accelerated plan, which requires approval signatures from both your undergraduate advisor and the MBA Program Director
    • Request endorsement from your faculty advisor
    • Schedule an appointment to request approval* from the MBA Director to declare the MBA Preparation Concentration by fall of the junior or senior year
  3. Schedule an appointment with the MBA Admissions Recruiter; Must complete the MBA admission process, be admitted, and pay deposit by NOV 15 of senior year
  4. Complete the MBA Preparation Concentration (must be in addition to your primary concentration) during your undergraduate coursework
    • ACCT 530 or CIS 520 (at guidance of MBA Director) (3 credit hours)
    • BADM 491 Internship (3 credit hours)
    • BADM 385 Personal and Professional Development OR BADM 491 (3 credit hours)
  5. Have a 3.25 or above cumulative GPA at undergrad graduation
  6. Demonstrate character and maturity consistent with expectations of all students in MBA program, as determined by the faculty
  7. Maintain full-time employment while enrolled in MBA

*Approval to complete the Accelerated MBA Preparation Concentration is not a guarantee of your admission to the Milligan MBA program.

Business Faculty

Dr. David Campbell

David Campbell

Associate Professor of Economics; Director of the MBA Program; Area Chair of Business

Phone: 423.461.8674
Office: Price Business Center, 005


Dr. Carolyn Carter

Carolyn Carter

Associate Dean of the William B. Greene, Jr. School of Business and Technology; Professor of Computer Information Systems and Business Administration; Don and Clarinda Jeanes Chair of Servant Leadership

Phone: 423.461.8670
Office: Derthick Hall, 300B


Dr. Bill Greer

Bill Greer

President; J. Henry Kegley Chair of Business and Economics; Professor of Business and Economics

Phone: 423.461.8710
Office: Little Hartland


Dr. Shannon Hogan

Shannon Hogan

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Phone: 423.461.8491
Office: Price Business Center Office #002