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Milligan nursing student wins TONE scholarship

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. (Oct. 7, 2014) — A Milligan College nursing student has received one of the most prestigious scholarships in the state from the Tennessee Organization of Nurse Executives (TONE), an organization composed of the state’s leading nurses.

Senior Sarah Minton was one of only six nursing students selected from 72 applicants, and she is the first Milligan nursing major ever to receive the scholarship.

“I was a bit in shock,” said Minton, who has worked in labor and delivery at Franklin Woods Community Hospital for 13 years as an LPN.

“To be selected as a TONE scholarship recipient is a great honor of which Sarah is very deserving,” said Melinda Collins, chair of Milligan’s nursing area. “She has done an outstanding job balancing her life as a mother, wife, nurse and student. Her educational and professional goals are a perfect match with the values Milligan’s nursing program strives to instill in all our graduates: a desire for life-long learning and a professional practice led by a spirit of Christian servant leadership.”

Minton came to Milligan in spring 2013 to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing so she could become a registered nurse and continue her desire of caring for patients at their bedside.

It hasn’t been easy for her to go back to college mid-career, though. She is married, has two kids and continues to work full-time as she finishes her degree. Minton thinks her strong desire to work with patients one-on-one is what caught the eye of the TONE committee and helped her earn the $700 scholarship.

“I hope to be that nurse who will stop even on the busiest day to listen to my patients and their concerns,” wrote Minton in the essay she submitted in her application for the scholarship. “I also want to be there for them if they just need a friend to talk to. I will be that nurse who will hold my patients’ hands when they are scared or alone.”

Minton says Milligan’s nursing program helped instill in her that caring philosophy.

“Milligan not only focuses on the book, but also wants students to have compassion for patients,” said Minton.

That compassion is what helped Minton save a life at Franklin Woods.

When a patient was going to be reassigned from Minton to a much less experienced LPN, she spoke up. Minton knew something was seriously wrong with the woman who had just given birth.

Minton requested to look after the patient and reported the issue to the doctor. It was soon discovered that the patient was bleeding internally after childbirth.

“Maybe a new nurse wouldn’t have picked up on it,” said Minton.

“Sarah returned to school in order to provide even better care for those who need her,” said Rita Trivette, associate professor of nursing, who served as one of Minton’s first instructors and mentors at Milligan. “She has dedicated her life to serving God, her family and her patients. In addition to all these qualities, she has a wonderful sense of humor that will serve her well as she moves forward in her career. She is a great student and has become a great friend as well.”

What is the next step for Minton?

When she graduates this spring from Milligan, she will automatically move into an RN role at Franklin Woods where she will continue to do the good work that has inspired her professors, coworkers, and now one of her children.

Her 13-year-old daughter is showing signs that, according to Minton, she might just follow in Mom’s footsteps.

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