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Milligan to host internationally acclaimed production of "The Rock & The Rabbi"

Tickets on sale now at the Milligan College Bookstore. Call 1-800-446-4045.

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TN (Oct. 1, 2001)—On Saturday, Oct. 27, the Milligan College Alumni Association will bring the nationally renowned Christian theatrical production of “The Rock & the Rabbi” to Seeger Chapel. The production has played to sell out audiences all over the nation, including the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Fla., the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., and the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Va.

The Tampa, Fla.-based production was co-written and produced by 1978 Milligan graduate Gary Richardson. It is a drama that recounts the friendship between the apostle Peter (the rock) and the long awaited Jesus Christ (the Rabbi).

“The Rock & the Rabbi is a wonderfully told, age-old story and has powerfully poetic lyrics and inspiring rhythms,” said Richard Major, professor of theater at Milligan College and a theatrical consultant for The Rock & The Rabbi production. “I’m pleased to see at long last a theatrical production that professes and possesses the power and beauty of Christianity.”

The production focuses on Richardson, the narrator, as he describes Peter’s account of the story. “The story is very accurately told,” says Richardson. “We’ve learned not to mess with a really excellent story.”

The production combines creative music, storytelling and historical truths to create an intimate and powerful experience. The musical score – which features acoustic guitars, Irish and African drums, accordion and bagpipes – was composed by Richardson’s friend and professional musician, Danny Hamilton. The contemporary staging features actors who tell their story in a simple, yet powerful fashion, “much like the original rabbi and His disciples,” said Richardson.

Milligan is especially gratified to host the production because of Richardson’s “Milligan roots.”

“The fact that Gary is an alum certainly played a part in our decision to invite him,” said Theresa Garbe, director of alumni relations. “But the musical also has an important message, one that Milligan wants to be able to share with the community.”

Milligan invites the community to share in the musical experience with the college’s alumni and friends during Homecoming Weekend on Saturday, October 27, at 7:30 p.m. in Seeger Chapel. Tickets are $17.50 for students and $20 for adults and must be purchased in advance. To purchase tickets, call 1-800-446-4045 or visit the Milligan College Bookstore during regular business hours.

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