Student Success

The Office of Student Success is here to help you on your journey through college. We believe you have the ability to succeed. We want to help you succeed. But, what do you want? We realize that for many students, the road to college success can sometimes be challenging, with a variety of academic and non-academic obstacles. Overcoming these obstacles typically involves some basic steps:


Identify strategies for overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way. What is keeping you from success at Milligan? What options do you have? What resources might help you in your quest?

Make a Commitment to Change. Problems do not vanish spontaneously. If you are driving into a ditch, closing your eyes and crossing your fingers will not help. You must slow down and turn the steering wheel. Will you do it? What do you really want? 

Survival Tips for Success

  1. Make time management a priority
  2. Obtain, read, and refer to college Catalog.
  3. Be responsible for individual academic performance.
  4. Know where to get help (Hint: Student Success Office)
  5. Build a support system away from home.
  6. Get to know administrators, faculty, and staff beyond the classroom.
  7. Apply for financial aid early and let it be an ongoing process until graduation.
  8. Establish boundaries with roommates.
  9. Get "connected" early. Get involved in extra-curricular activites, but know your limit.
  10. Use good judgment and have fun in college.

Student Success offerings are available to all undergraduate and graduate students.