Student Success:

Health & Emotional Difficulties

Can personal problems stand in the way of success? Of course. It happens all the time. Has it happened to you?

Illness or Injury

If your problems result from physical illness or injury, they may solve themselves as you return to health. However illness and injury can take quite a bite out of a semester. Have they caused you to miss too many classes and/or be unable to study? How should you handle this? Withdrawing from one or more courses might be your best option. Talk with your instructors. Explain your problem and ask where you stand. Do they think you can catch up? If so, what is involved? Are extra credit opportunities available? Should you consider a grade of Incomplete that you can make up later? Talk with your academic advisor and get his/her ideas as well. What classes are more important for you to finish now and which ones can wait?

Emotional Difficulties

It is not at all unusual for students to encounter a variety of emotional difficulties while adjusting to college life. In fact, we’d consider it unusual for you to encounter absolutely NO difficulties. And yes, we’re speaking to men and women alike. So, here are a few thoughts for consideration.

  1. Know your Resident Assistant: RAs are great resources when you’re having roommate difficulties. They’ve been trained to help you negotiate sticky situations, so take advantage of their expertise.

  2. Keep the Lines of Communication Open: Keep talking with your roommate, both about difficulties in the room AND other daily occurrences in life. The moment you stop talking is the moment that you grant yourself permission to consider the other person less than a friend.

  3. Talk to your Mentor: Your mentors have experienced the joys and pains of roommates—they’ll have great advice for you.

  4. Visit your Resident Director: Their doors are always open.

  5. Know that the end is in sight: Students are able to change roommates at the end of each semester if the situation warrants a change. So even if things are awful, remind yourself that you only have to endure for a few more short weeks.

  1. Visit our campus activities page to find out about campus organizations. Then go to a meeting and see what’s going on!

  2. Talk with your RA to see what residence hall activities are currently taking place.

  3. Go to sports events and cheer on our Mighty Buffaloes!

  4. Check out the service opportunities both on and off campus—contact the LINC office.

  5. Get involved in Milligan Arts opportunities—theatre, musical ensembles, and more.

  6. Find a shadowing opportunity to find out more about your field of choice. Visit the Career Development Office in the Institute for Servant Leadership.