Student Success:

Commitment to Success

By this time you should have identified obstacles to success and considered what strategies for success will work most effectively for you. Success is not easy for most of us. It takes hard work -- lots of hard work. But by making the appropriate changes, you can succeed. Are you ready to change? What commitments to success are you willing to make?

Print this form. Then list your commitments in the following areas:

To improve my academic skills I will:

_____ seek additional help from my instructor in (list courses):
_____ seek tutoring in (list subjects):
_____ study with classmates in (list courses):
_____ other (list other commitments):

To improve my study and/or test-taking skills I will:

_____ seek help from Milligan's Student Success Office
_____ find a new and improved place to study
_____ improve my time management by:
_____ try to improve my concentration levels by:
_____ try to improve my lecture notes by:
_____ work on improving my reading skills by:
_____ work on retaining information more effectively by:
_____ improve my test-taking skills by:

To improve my effort I will:

_____ attend every class whenever possible
_____ come to class prepared
_____ complete all assignments on time
_____ seek career counseling
_____ consider alternative majors
_____ keep a journal to document my successes
_____ seek a mentor
_____ schedule fewer classes
_____ work to eliminate boredom by:
_____ cut back on other obligations by:

To overcome my personal problems I will:

_____ seek assistance for alcohol or substance problems
_____ seek assistance for potential eating disorders
_____ seek assistance for handling relationship or family problems
_____ seek assistance for potential depression
_____ work on overcoming homesickness or loneliness by:
_____ improve my ability to manage stress by:
_____ seek to resolve financial problems by:

Follow through on your commitments. Do not file this form away in a back corner of a drawer. Hang it on the wall by your bed or desk. Look at it. Review it. Keep reminding yourself of what you need to do. And never be reluctant to ask for help. Good luck!