Student Success:

Early Alert Form

Milligan College employs an early alert system to notify appropriate college
personnel of concerns regarding individual students. If you know of a student
who is struggling academically, socially, spiritually, financially, or in other ways,
please complete the following online form. All information will go directly to
Heather Jackson who will respond as needed to the alert.

Student's Name:

Name of Person Issuing Alert:

Issuer's Relationship to the Student (Professor, RA, etc.):

Today's Date:

Please select pertinent area of concern:


Poor Class Attendance

Poor Test Scores

Lack of Effort

Late Work

Low Performance

Lack of Participation

Work Incomplete/Inadequate


Please explain concern below (number of absences, test scores, etc.)



Personal Problems


Financial Difficulties


Please explain concern below (difficult break-up, depression, ineligible for loans, etc.)

Please include any additional comments

Information provided through this form may be shared with mentors, counselors, residence personnel, student life personnel, faculty, or other campus personnel on a need-to-know basis only. If you would like to speak directly with the director of student success, contact Heather Jackson.