Student Success:

GPA Calculator

Many students are anxious to know what their term and cumulative GPAs will be at the end of the semester. The registrar's office (423.461.8788) is always happy to help you determine your GPA or possible GPA, but you can also determine potential GPAs on your own.

Click here for a GPA Calculator and information on how to calculate your own GPA.

If you want to raise your GPA, an additional calculator helps you determine how many credit hours and what grade average you will need to raise your current GPA. 

Glossary of Terms

GPA: Grade Point Average

Term GPA: This is the GPA that a student earns for a particular semester.

Cumulative GPA: This GPA is the composite of all semester GPAs put together.

Attempted Credits: Column one of your unofficial transcript. Attempted credits will reflect all courses passed, failed, and dropped after the first two weeks of classes.

Earned Credits: Column two of your unofficial transcript. Earned credits reflect all courses passed at the end of each semester (term) and over all semesters (overall).

GPA Credits: Column four of your unofficial transcript. GPA credits reflect all courses for which a student received a grade at the end of the semester.

Transfer Credits: Column five of your unofficial transcript. Transfer credits reflect all courses which transferred into Milligan. These credits count toward graduation but do not count toward GPA.

Quality Points: Column six of your unofficial transcript. Quality Points reflect the “worth” of grades based on grade and credits/course.

GPA: Column seven of your unofficial transcript. GPA reflects the quality points divided by GPA credits.