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Saturday, August 17, 7:45 p.m. (Seeger Chapel, upper level)

Matriculation is a longstanding tradition at Milligan where new students officially “sign-in” to the records of the college. This program is mandatory for all new students of the college. We invite all families of incoming students to attend this formal ceremony in which students join the Milligan community. Nice dress attire (no shorts) is requested.

Vehicles on campus

The use of a vehicle on campus is a privilege extended to the college community. Each motorized vehicle must be registered by the Student Development Office at the time you register for classes or in the Student Development Office after registration. Please have the following information when you register: license tag/plate number, color, make, model, and year of your vehicle(s). There is a $100 fine for not registering a vehicle or not displaying a sticker.

Each vehicle driven/parked on campus must be registered. Operators of these vehicles are expected to learn and follow the driving/parking policies on campus (outlined in the Student Handbook). Violators of these policies are subjecting themselves to significant fines and loss of vehicle privileges. Fines range from $20 to $100. All tickets must be paid in the McCown Cottage Business Office. Receiving more than ten tickets can result in the loss of driving privileges on campus.

Post Office Information

Did you know that Milligan College is the only college in the country that has its own official United States Post Office? Situated at the entrance to campus, the post office is here to serve you.  To receive mail on-campus, you must rent a PO Box online. Mail is not delivered to residence halls. All mail sent through the US Postal Service should be addressed to:

Student's Name
PO Box #
Milligan College, TN 37682

Packages sent U.P.S. or other ground service should be addressed to:

Student's Name, C/O Milligan College Physical Plant
Student's Residence Hall and Room Number,
130 Richardson Road,
Milligan College, TN 37682.

Any regular mail addressed to students and received by the college will be returned to sender.

Food Services

Milligan College is offering a continuous service meal plan for students in the fall. The meal plan allows students to trade 25 meals per semester at the Student Center Snack Bar, more commonly called “The Grill”.

Students may also purchase a “Snack Bar Plus (SBP)” account. This account is available to all students. Residential students can add a SBP account to their standard meal plan on or before registration. This account allows students to grab a quick snack or meal at their convenience with the ease of using a prepaid credit line. The SBP account provides a $50 meal credit line at the grill for an additional charge of $40 to your meal plan. This 20% bonus credit is only available with meal plans purchased on or before registration. Additionally, if students want to add to their credit line, they may do so at any time after registration either in the cafeteria or the grill with a 10% bonus credit. Snack bar plus accounts do expire at the end of the academic year (May).

Immunizations & Health Insurance

All students are required by law to submit a completed Health and Immunization Record, which is provided in the pre-admission packet, prior to attending classes (housing will not be assigned until this information is completed and submitted to the Health Center). In compliance with the Tennessee State Department of Health and the immunization guidelines of the American College Health Association, Milligan College requires all students to provide documented proof (physician's signature) of having received:

  • Two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines, or proof of immunity, for all students born after 1956
  • Two varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, or proof of immunity/disease, for all students born after 1979
  • Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines are recommended
  • All international students are required to provide proof of Tuberculosis test (PPD) within the past twelve months prior to Registration, as well as proof of chest x-ray and treatment as indicated.

Gilliam Wellness Center

Before you are eligible to use the Gilliam Wellness Center you must:

  • Obtain a Milligan student I.D.
  • Attend an orientation and sign a waiver
    • Orientation – Gilliam Wellness Center on Saturday August 16, 2014 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
    • Sessions are 15 minutes long and will begin every 30 minutes

Music Ensembles & Private Lessons

All Milligan students are eligible to participate in music ensembles and music lessons. Join one of our great vocal ensembles (Women's Chorale, Concert Choir, Heard Mentality) or our fabulous instrumental ensembles (Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Brass Choir). Or you can learn a new instrument by signing up for lessons (guitar, flute, violin, etc.). You can even take classes to learn to read music (MUSC 141 Basic Music Reading Skills) or learn the piano (MUSC 124 Piano Class for Beginners). Participating in music is a great break from your studies and a wonderful way to make friends.

Join the Stampede!

Be part of The Stampede, Milligan's student-run news service. News, commentary and opinion, photography, video -- in print, online and TV. We're looking for writers, producers, editors, TV anchors, photographers, videographers, bloggers. Whether you want to contribute occasionally or be a regular staff member, you'll find a place in the Stampede. Open to all students and optional academic credit is available. For more information, contact Professor Jim Dahlman, faculty adviser (, phone 461-8994).

Stream Team

Gain experience in live video streaming broadcasts! Students may sign up for Comm 195-Stream Team for 1 to 3 credit hours. Students can volunteer if they don't have room to add more hours to their schedule. We are looking for students that wish to be a part of the production team: operate cameras, graphics, direct, produce, line up halftime interviews, provide commentary (play by play or color) for athletic games such as Men's and Women's basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Women's Softball and Men's Baseball. We also stream various campus specialty events that occur during the semester. If you are interested in more information about this opportunity please contact Dr. Carrie Beth Swanay at Office lower level of Paxson Communications Center, Office Number 423-461-8795.

Host your own radio show - WUMC

WUMC - Milligan College RadioLooking for a one credit hour course? Check out Comm 184 - Radio Lab.

  • Host your own radio show.
  • Now Streaming 24/7 so friends and family back home can listen to your show.
  • Training will provided, no previous experience necessary.

For more information on this opportunity, contact Dr. Carrie Swanay at or 434-461-8795.


Express Books Enrollment

Express Books is a preorder system that allows Milligan College students to reserve their textbooks and have them waiting for pickup on August 16th for freshmen and August 18th and 19th for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students. This service eliminates any concern about when and how books will be purchased. You may decline any reserved book at the time of pick-up.

 Click here for more information or to enroll.

Laundry Cards

Milligan offers access to Maytag laundry equipment in several on-campus laundry facilities. You may use either quarters or a prepaid laundry card. To save time and money, you can purchase your laundry card in advance for a reduced rate. Click here to learn more.

Everything Else You Need to Know to Help with Your Transition (or almost everything…)

So by now you probably feel like you have a pretty good handle on the logistical details, but that still doesn’t answer the question of “What do I really need to bring?” and “Is there anything to do in East Tennessee?”  Well, where you have questions, we have answers.  Here are some helpful words of wisdom to aid in your transition to Milligan.

  • Pack light! You really don’t need to pack everything you own, we promise!  Check out the Residence Life page to see a list of items that you might need to bring. If you need a moving truck to get here, then you are probably bringing way too much stuff.
  • Bring an umbrella! Or a raincoat (or those cute rainboots you have needed an excuse to buy!). Now, we need to be clear on this one.  Rain is not something that happens every day around here–oftentimes the sun is shining and all you will want to do is study outside–however, for those days when it does rain, walking to class can be kind-of-less-than-pleasant if you are not properly prepared.  And profs probably won’t accept “I forgot my umbrella…in California” as an excuse for you to turn in a rain smeared paper.
  • Be prepared to study! Start good habits early–as in the first week of class! With all the transitions necessary to come to college, your first year of classes can be a REAL challenge. The suggested study time is two hours for every credit hour you are in class. Use the planner we give you and create a study schedule as soon as you get your syllabi.  You won’t regret it.
  • Don't panic! The transition to college takes time. You may get a couple of poor test scores at the beginning and you may not make your BFF for life in your first week. People adjust to college at different rates. If you're struggling in a class, talk to your professor or find one of our free tutors. If you're feeling lonely, join an activity until you find one that fits! And never hesitate to seek out a faculty or staff member to talk.
  • Be creative with your free time! As we all know, eating out all of the time and going to the movies two nights each weekend will EVENTUALLY cause your budget to dry out–probably sooner than later. So be creative with what you do with your time.  There are ALWAYS fun things going on around campus, so stick around and be a part of what makes Campus Life such an incredible part of the Milligan experience.  Or, if you just need to get off campus, then go camping in the mountains, or pack up a picnic and head to the lake.  There is so much to do around here that will not empty your bank account.  Take advantage of all of the great things this community has to offer!
  • Get involved! It is not a secret that many companies are looking to hire individuals who are well-rounded and show leadership abilities. A liberal arts education provides you with amazing opportunities to develop as a person. You have made the right choice of schools; now it is time to take full advantage of what a liberal arts education has to offer. Campus Life offers a myriad of socialization and leadership opportunities. Too many students go through college without meeting new friends, without becoming a member of a social or service organization, and without an appreciation for their alma mater. Budget your time to include social events, church involvement, Bible studies, and physical exercise.
  • Take pride in your school! Plan to see a few games while you are on campus. With over 20 competitive men’s and women’s athletic teams, there is always something to cheer for! Your classmates appreciate your support, so whether it’s soccer, basketball, baseball, or a host of others, get out there and root for your school.  This is also a great opportunity for you to see faculty and staff members in a more casual setting, cheering right along with you!
  • It is OK if you do not have a car! Some students survive four years without one. Cars are expensive to maintain and can quickly diminish your cash flow. Not having one forces you to meet other people by finding rides home for break, to church, the mall, etc.
  • Ask questions! When you need help, if you are getting behind in your studies, if you do not understanding something that is going on in your residence hall, ask someone about it.  Do not fear–there is no such thing as a bad question and this community wants to help you. 

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