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Life at Milligan

Student Development at Milligan College seeks to promote faith, learning and living through Residence Life, Campus Activities, Career Development, and Campus Ministry.

Campus Life

Milligan College wants you, as a commuter student, to feel at home on your campus. You are encouraged to participate in all aspects of college life. Some of the services available include study/lounge areas for those unable to return home between classes and representation on the Student Government Association (SGA).

Milligan provides opportunities for student development in the area of extracurricular organizations covering such interests as hiking, missions, political science, art, etc. You will receive a student handbook when you arrive on campus explaining each group and information on how to become involved. The Student Government Association plans a variety of spiritual and social events during the year that make student life interesting and fulfilling. Intramural athletics on campus include football, softball, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. Participation in these activities is open to all students throughout the year.

Campus Activities

Students desiring to enjoy the richness of this community will want to take advantage of the variety of programming that takes place across campus. Our desire is to help students to develop excellence in character, healthy lifestyles, leadership skills and lasting friendships as they actively enter into the life of the Milligan community.

Besides getting to know your roommate, making new friends, seeing old ones, and going to Cookout at midnight, you will want to take part in the campus activities planned by students for students. Several organizations on campus offer you opportunities for spiritual growth, service, athletic competition, and fun and fellowship as you get to know other Milligan students.

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the first place to start for filling your social calendar and finding fun ways to hang out on campus and around Johnson City. CAB starts the year off right with the annual Welcome Week, August 16-22, where we celebrate the final days of summer by hanging out at the ballpark, playing cornhole, seeing who wins The Game, and relaxing at the local Drive-In.

Always the center of the action, CAB hosts numerous campus activities and social events throughout the year. There is something for everyone from film events, dances, concerts and coffeehouses, to beach trips and a day even more exciting than Christmas, Wonderful Wednesday! This year in particular you can be on the lookout for a TWIRP Week full of fun, adventurous trips, the annual Air Band competition, and much much more!

Be on the lookout for RUSH DAY in the first weeks of class. It’s your chance to get out there and see all the clubs and organizations there are to be a part of. There is something for everyone, but remember, if you don't see it–start it!

Student Government Association

SGA is a group of hard working students dedicated to improving campus life.  We are excited about the upcoming school year.  Event planning is underway and we hope that you will get involved.  You can expect events such as Rush Day, Homecoming week, Family Weekend, and That Big Party! On the other hand, SGA is not only about planning school functions.  We are an organization that represents the student body.  Whether it be academics, school programs, or spiritual formation, our team is there to support student opinion. Get ready for a year filled with spirit and excitement.

Campus Life is brimming with activities and events to attend, people to meet, conversations to have, lessons to learn, and new experiences to brave. It's going to be YOUR college experience and it will only be what you make of it. So put yourself out there, try new things, and get involved! This is where college really happens. Bring it on!

Campus Ministry

The Milligan experience is about more than getting a great education. It’s about being formed into a follower of Christ, a fully-functioning servant-leader. The Spiritual Formation Program (SFP) brings the campus community together to grow in discipleship to Jesus.  In addition to academic endeavors, all undergraduate students participate in SFP.  In order to graduate, students must accumulate 150 SFP credits, which are earned by participation in Chapel services, approved service projects, and campus ministry programs such as FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Diversity Forums, devotional breakfasts and select community events.  A calendar of qualifying SFP events is provided each semester. More details will be provided during Welcome Week

Career Development

Students interested in Career Development and learning about God's purpose for their lives will want to visit the Institute for Servant Leadership and inquire about the Servant-Leader Experience. Through the Servant-Leader Experience, we seek to nurture the hearts and minds of a new generation of servant-leaders for the church and society. We seek to help our students discover their central purpose and passion in God's call to change lives and shape culture through faith, service and leadership. For more info, check out the Center for Calling and Career Exploration.

Info about Living Off-Campus

All students who plan to live off campus must 1) fulfill one of the following requirements and 2) must complete an Off Campus Living Request form and return it to the Student Development Office. All students at Milligan College must live on campus unless they fulfill one of the following:

Have a completed Off Campus Living Request form on file before each fall semester stating one of the following:

  1. Married
  2. Living with a member of his/her immediate family (parents, grandparents, married brother or sister)
  3. Has completed 128 semester hours or 8 semesters of academic work
  4. Total class load for a given semester is less than 9 hours (those with less than 9 hours may live in the dorm if desired.)
  5. Military veteran of more than one (1) year
  6. 23 years of age or older before the fall semester

Should you have questions regarding this or any other area of campus life, please feel free to contact the Student Development Office at 423.461.8760.

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