The Summer Sizzler

Important Stuff

Vehicles on campus

The use of a vehicle on campus is a privilege extended to the college community. Each motorized vehicle must be registered by the Student Development Office at the time you register for classes or in the Student Development Office after registration. Please have the following information when you register: license tag/plate number, color, make, model, and year of your vehicle(s). There is a $100 fine for not registering a vehicle or not displaying a sticker.

Each vehicle driven/parked on campus must be registered. Operators of these vehicles are expected to learn and follow the driving/parking policies on campus (outlined in the Student Handbook). Violators of these policies are subjecting themselves to significant fines and loss of vehicle privileges. Fines range from $20 to $100. All tickets must be paid in the McCown Cottage Business Office. Receiving more than ten tickets can result in the loss of driving privileges on campus.

Food Services

Milligan College is offering a continuous service meal plan for students in the fall. The meal plan allows students to trade 25 meals per semester at the Student Center Snack Bar, more commonly called “The Grill”.

Students may also purchase a “Snack Bar Plus (SBP)” account. This account is available to all students. Residential students can add a SBP account to their standard meal plan on or before registration. This account allows students to grab a quick snack or meal at their convenience with the ease of using a prepaid credit line. The SBP account provides a $50 meal credit line at the grill for an additional charge of $40 to your meal plan. This 20% bonus credit is only available with meal plans purchased on or before registration. Additionally, if students want to add to their credit line, they may do so at any time after registration either in the cafeteria or the grill with a 10% bonus credit. Snack bar plus accounts do expire at the end of the academic year (May).

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