Rise Above: 499 Mentored Research

In recognition of the many benefits of undergraduate research, the college implemented a quality enhancement program in 2012 that seeks to significantly increase the number of students who participate in undergraduate research.

Students seeking to pursue undergraduate research for credit will identify a faculty mentor who will support and facilitate the research initiative, including the completion of one or more courses in which research is the focus. These “RISE” courses are available across the college’s academic offerings.  “Rise” courses are available in all academic disciplines. Courses are numbered 499A, 499B, and 499C.

This faculty-mentored set of independent research courses will allow for an in-depth study of a specific question relevant to the discipline. At the successful conclusion of three credit-hours-499A, B, and C- students will have submitted a substantive paper with bibliography and will have publicly presented their findings.

The three 499 courses are described below:



Council on Undergraduate Research