Raise Your World

Tony's story


My career.

I was laid off from work after 19 years at a local company. I went to Milligan the same day and inquired about the M.Ed. program. From that very day, they have supported me in everything I have done and continue to do to become a teacher.

Why I chose Milligan.

I chose Milligan's Master of Education program because it has a reputation for preparing teachers to enter the teaching field prepared to educate our greatest resource. It also allows me to show my Christian values, which are very important to me.

The best part of Milligan.

The best part about being at Milligan is the faculty. They care about each student and they are willing to help you in any situation. They want to see you succeed.

What makes Milligan different.

The difference that Milligan provides is the small class size. The professors know each of us and what we are going through. This allows them to get to know us as people and not just as students. Milligan also allows Christian values to be expressed in the classroom.

I love being at Milligan. It is not easy but it is helping me to become a better teacher and person. The faculty and staff take an interest in you as a person. From the admissions office and student services to the professors, they are all there to help you in any way they can.

The future.

My classes and the year-long internship will have prepared me to enter the teaching field. The professors are very knowledgeable and they provide you with real life examples. Milligan is indeed preparing me to be the best teacher I can be.

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