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My back yard.

Milligan is literally in my back yard. I grew up in a neighborhood behind campus. Originally I didn't want to go to college so close to home. But I liked Milligan. I heard good things about Milligan and about the accounting program and professor Bob Mahan. I thought about going to a bigger school but I really wanted to get to know my professors and I can do that at Milligan. That's not just what they tell you in the admissions materials -- it's definitely the truth.

Different perspectives.

It's a good culture on campus. I've met a lot of people that don't necessarily have the same interests as me. Some have different political views and views of the world but I get along with them and they've become good friends. At a bigger school you would see others who are different from you but you wouldn't get to build relationships with them like you do at Milligan.


There are a lot of schools like Milligan out there but not with the same quality. Milligan has a solid core and they take you to the next level. In my business classes, everyone has been really friendly and they personally care about people. A lot of people who have come out of Milligan have been really successful. Milligan isn't easy and it takes discipline, but it's worth it.

Different than high school.

College is a totally different experience than high school. You get to know people who are different from you and expand your worldview and form friendships with them. I've lived on campus even though I live a 1/2 mile from campus. It's been great. My first roommate made a huge difference in my life. We were really different but he helped get me interested in new things, like music and the outdoors. He really expanded my interest in things.

It's important to become involved in something. There's a lot of different things to do. People are into music, art, all kinds of things. For being a small school, there's really a lot of different people here and a lot of different opportunities.

The people I've gotten to know in college will be friends with me later in life. I'll make an effort. My roommate's dad is a Milligan alum and it's really neat to see how connected he still is. When he visits campus he talks to the professors in the cafeteria or stops by their offices. I like that. When I have kids someday I hope they definitely consider Milligan and definitely get to go through this experience.

Part of a new tradition.

One of the best experiences at Milligan has been being part of a new swimming program. It's exciting to help build it up. The swim team has been one of the highlights of my Milligan experience.

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