Raise Your World




My lifetime dream has been to be a teacher. I started college right out of high school but got married and had a family. I started back a couple times but it was difficult when the kids were really little. When I got serious about it, I checked into different programs. Milligan had something very doable for a full-time mom who's working.

Why I chose Milligan.

Milligan has exceeded my expectations. I've attended a couple other colleges and none compare to Milligan. In the education degree completion program, I love being a part of a cohort. We started as total strangers and have now become like family. I love the low faculty-student ratio. Other schools I went to I went through a whole class and the professor never knew my name or if I was even there. Another thing I really liked was that it was a Christian college and I love the servant-leader motto. I feel like whatever we're doing is a place to serve God and others, and Milligan really encourages that.

What's next.

I finish the program this semester and am looking for a teaching job. I'm really excited. I've got good contacts in the local school system and Milligan has a great name and reputation. I'd like to continue and get my master's at some point, too.

How Milligan prepared me for the future.

Milligan has prepared me pretty well for the licensure exams. We've been taught multiple teaching strategies and different learning types. Had it not been for this type of program it would have been very difficult to accomplish my goals with my family and with working. I'm thankful for the Christian atmosphere Milligan has and the personal attention from the faculty. I'm not sure I would have accomplished this in any other way.

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