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Rabecca's Milligan story



I want to be helpful to the community by being a nurse.

Why I chose Milligan.

Milligan is a really cool place to be. Whenever I'd visit when I was in high school, everyone was so nice and I looked forward to my next visit and time at Milligan. It's such a beautiful place.

The best part about Milligan.

It's its own community. It's not like a big school where you don't know people. You say "hi" as you pass by people. I have a lot of fond memories already with my friends. There's a lot to do with social events and dorm life is so much fun. There are people here from all over the place. I've met some of my best friends here.

How Milligan is different.

I took a couple classes at another college this past summer and I noticed that the teachers at Milligan care more. They're more professional and the staff are more helpful.

How Milligan is preparing me for the future.

Milligan has provided a lot of hands-on experience in the nursing program. They are teaching us to be very professional and to care about people and pay attention to the details. Classes are hard, but I'm going to be very well-prepared for the licensure exam. It will be my own fault if I'm not prepared.

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