Raise Your World




The mentoring relationships with the faculty and staff here at Milligan are really different from other schools. My mentor advises me not just on classes but she helps with other things, as well. She's interested in how I'm doing. Everyone at Milligan seems to want you to succeed.

My mentor is always available. I had an issue my freshman year and my mom told me to talk to my mentor. She was right. My mentor was really helpful. She always asks me how I'm doing and she'll talk to me about anything -- not just classes. I'll want to keep in contact with her even after I graduate.


I've always thought I wanted to help people and I want to somehow combine that with my love for art. Teaching is a possibility. I like my art classes and Mr. Blosser is a great teacher. In talking to the other art majors and with artists who visit our classes, I'm getting lots of ideas for how I can combine mission work with art. I'm praying about it a lot. It's neat to see and hear how I can use art in my career to do God's work.


I like to see how things are connected. It's really exciting. I find myself writing papers for my other classes and including things I learned from Humanities. It really does help you become a better person, learning about the past and how it relates to who we are today. I'm looking forward to the Humanities tour and seeing in person and up close what we've been learning about.

Connecting yesterday and today.

I took Dr. Farmer's honors Humanities class. There were only 13 of us and we got into some deep conversations about history and how everything is connected to something from years ago and yet still affects me today. It's really cool to have those conversations.

How I learned about Milligan.

Our friends in Bristol were always telling us what a great school Milligan is. My mom had also heard that from others -- from people who hire Milligan graduates. It's got a great reputation. When you hear someone went to Milligan, you know they have good values and a good work ethic.

We liked campus a lot when we visited. Everyone was really nice on our campus tour and ready to help. I thought, "This is the kind of school I want to go to."

And now I'm here. It feels like home. The school's values align with mine. It's perfect to find a school that's not too far from home but still far enough for the college experience.

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