Raise Your World



Career goal.

I served in the military for over five years until I injured my leg. I was in aviation maintenance and wanted to continue that, but couldn't due to my injury. So I talked to Sue Skidmore at Milligan and I took some vocational tests at the V.A. to determine what careers my skills were best suited for. It helped lead me to programming. So now I want to get a job as a programmer after finishing my degree in Computer Information Systems.

Why I chose Milligan.

I hold myself to a high level of integrity and honor, and I have a deep personal Christian commitment. I like Milligan because it provides me with an education that is grounded in those same ideals.

What makes Milligan different.

My first week of classes, I lost one of my textbooks, so I asked online if anyone had seen it and if they would return it. That Friday night at 10 p.m., Dr. Carolyn Carter emailed me and said someone had dropped it off at her office and I could come pick it up anytime. That's amazing to me. My wife has been to other schools and she thought it was amazing, too. My book was right where they said it would be -- no one stole it and my professor went out of her way on a weekend to help me get it back. That experience told me that's the kind of people I'm going to be around at Milligan -- people of integrity who are willing to help you out.

Being prepared.

The CIS courses at Milligan are very strong and the program is healthy. Before I started I heard lots of good things, especially about Dr. Carolyn Carter and Teresa Carter, and it's all true. It's hard but fun and I know I'm being prepared quite well.

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