Raise Your World

Anna's story


A good fit and good preparation.

I knew I wanted to go to a Christian college. Milligan had a swim team and scholarships that fit my interests and needs. The campus is small and personable. I'm getting a really good education compared to other options I had. When I get ready to apply for a job, I'll know my stuff and feel confident going into my career. The academics are also very well-rounded. I've learned so much in Humanities -- about history, art, and philosophy. I also love my business classes. What I learn there ties back in with Humanities. It all connects.


Focusing on academics isn't the only important focus at Milligan. They teach us to focus on others around you and learn to love others. Everyone is from different places and it's neat to get know others. It's so cool that you can find connections everywhere and learn from others who are different -- not just one viewpoint.

I'll always remember the time spent with my friends. My roommate has changed my life. We've become best friends and like sisters. We have such a tight bond -- after all the crazy nights studying, talking, and having fun.

Swim team.

It's neat to be part of a team. It's my core group of friends. My teammates are great and encourage me.


Faith is important at Milligan. It's great to be surrounded by people who believe in Jesus. I can go to my professors and say something about God and they understand. Academics are Christian-focused. Professors lead Bible studies. It's neat to see adults practicing their faith and to learn from them.

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