Raise Your World

Adam's Milligan story


I'm a youth ministry major but I did an internship last semester at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, Maryland, and it broadened my interest in so many areas. Now I'm considering church planting, student ministry, and pastoral ministry. The internship was key to that, but also being at Milligan has introduced me to so many different people and broadened my perspective. I immediately got plugged into a local church here. There are a lot of ways to get involved and get experience. In fact, the Bible faculty encouraged me to get involved and serve. That's a prominent message at Milligan -- get your hands dirty where you are.

The Milligan bubble.

I love the Milligan community. Some people call it the Milligan bubble but you create friendships, you grow, and you get to know people that are similar and also very different from you. The ways I've grown the most are from the late-night conversations with friends and other Bible majors about complex things and life. There are people here who challenge you and help me figure out who I am.


The faculty are great. Ted Thomas is one of my favorites. And Curtis Booher -- his passion for equipping people to go into ministry is contagious. He encourages you to take the next step and see where it takes you. I've talked to him about some far-fetched ideas and he still encourages me. He's a good cheerleader for his students.

Spiritual life.

There are a lot of opportunities to grow spiritually at Milligan. It's a blessing to be at a school with Christian faculty who come alongside you and challenge you in different areas. Milligan does a great job in facilitating a diverse spiritual life.

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