Campus Communication

Milligan Today:

  1. Where to look?
    Milligan Today webpage & campus calendar ( This webpage is updated daily with calendar items and announcements. The calendar includes on-campus events and Milligan-sponsored events, as well as a listing of categorized announcements.
    Email events and announcements to

  2. What to read?
    Milligan Today e-newsletter: Each Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning, the Public Relations office sends an e-newsletter to campus, highlighting upcoming events, deadlines and timely announcements. All items for the Milligan Today e-newsletter must be received by noon the day before it is to be sent. Email submissions to

  3. What about emails to campus?
    In an attempt to streamline campus communication, it’s best (whenever possible) to use the first two above methods of campus communication. However, campus-wide emails are also used to convey important, timely information. Please use the following guidelines when requesting a campus-wide email:

All other campus email requests may be sent to or

Promoting events to an external audience

What is the best way to communicate my event or announcement to an external audience?

  1. Start with Milligan’s Public Relations Office ( or 461-8764).
    All news releases, announcements to the community, posters, media interviews, etc., must be approved and coordinated by the Milligan College Public Relations Office. The PR office has an extensive list of media contacts and regularly emails news releases promoting Milligan’s events, people and accomplishments to regional media outlets. The PR Office is happy to help you formulate and execute a plan for your announcement or event. It’s our job to tell Milligan’s story and to tell it well!

  2. Start early.

    The best way to ensure that you get the word out to the most people is to begin planning the publicity early—as soon as you finalize the date and details of the event.  If you would like a news release sent to the media, please request a news release form from the PR office and return it to PR no later than three weeks prior to the event.

  3. Start spreading the word. 

    In addition to off-campus promotion, make sure you’ve requested your event or announcement be added to Milligan Today (