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Milligan’s online options offer flexibility for students and working professionals to help balance the demands of a busy life while attaining their educational goals. Courses are taught by Milligan faculty and are delivered to the student via Milligan's Internet course management system.

Online Programs


Hybrid Program (mix of online and on-campus)


Online Courses

Check the course listings for when these courses are offered and review the registration and cost information below.

BADM 361M Prin of Management 3
BADM 365M Operations Mgmt 3
BIBL 123M Old Testament Survey 3
BIBL 124M New Testament Survey 3
BIBL 471M Christ and Culture 3
BIOL 341M Animal Histology 4
CIS 201M Info Sys Hardware 3
CIS 211M Programming Logic 3
CIS 275M Cptr Applications 3
CIS 297M Object-Oriented Prog 3
CIS 305M Database Management 3
CIS 313M Advanced Programming 3
CIS 318M Web Theory/Design 3
CIS 341M Sys Analysis/Design 3
CIS 420M Data Comm/Networking 3
CIS 441M Info Sys Software 3
CIS 450M Software Engineering 3
CIS 491M Internship 3
CIS 495M Seminar 3
COMM 102M Speech Communication 3
COMM 311M Public Rel Strat 3
COMM 341M Prin of Org Comm 3
COMM 380M Media Eff Ch/Adoles 3
ECON 201M Macroeconomic Prin 3
ECON 202M Microeconomic Prin 3
EDUC 380M Media Eff Ch/Adoles 3
EDUC 403M Parent Educ/Involv 3
EDUC 475M Early Childhood Admn 2
EDUC 511M Rsrch Mthds in Educ 3
EDUC 512M Research Seminar 2
EDUC 513M Scholarly Writing 1
EDUC 524M Intermediate Curric 3
EDUC 538M Tch Eng Lng Learners 3
EDUC 575M Adv Early Ch Admn 3
EDUC 621M Assessment and Eval 3
EDUC 622M Classroom Mgmt 3
EDUC 623M Res-Based Teach Str 3
EDUC 631M Cul Diversity and Ed 3
EDUC 641M Adv Parent Ed/Involv 3
EDUC 662M Sch Organizatn & Law 3
EDUC 670M Prof Tch Standards 3
HPXS 302A M Coach&Off Track&Fld 2
HUMN 101M Anc/Mediev Cultures 4
HUMN 102M Ren/Early Modern Cul 4
HUMN 201M 18th & 19th Cen Cul 4
HUMN 202M Cul 20th/Erl 21st C 4
MATH 213M Statistics 3
NURS 110M Global Health Issues 3
NURS 198M Medical Terminology 1
NURS 302M HlthPromIllness Prev 2
NURS 340M EndLifePalliativeCa 3
PSYC 150M General Psychology 3
PSYC 250M General Psychology 3
PSYC 252M Developmental Psyc 3
PSYC 380M Media Eff Ch/Adoles 3


Registration and Cost

Current traditional student

  • Cost is part of the normal tuition fee structure
  • Talk to your advisor/mentor to explore your options and discuss the best choice for you (BIBL 123M and 124M currently not available to traditional students)
  • Register for course during registration

Current Adult Degree Completion Student (Business, Education, CIS-M)

New student (degree/certificate seeking OR audit)

Supporting Christian Churches
  • Contact the Office of Church Relations by email or phone: 423.975.8021 for details about special tuition rates and registration process.

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