Milligan: a Rich Heritage

Founded in 1866, Milligan College has a long, rich Christian liberal arts heritage, preparing young men and women for lives of dedicated Christian service.  These students have come to Milligan to prepare not only for a variety of careers, but also to serve God in their workplaces, their churches, their communities, and their world. They serve as doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, journalists, occupational therapists, and business people, among many other chosen careers.  

Over the last decade, enrollment has swelled by over 300 students, leaving us with minimal capacity for future growth, especially for residential students.

Village Apartment Front

Residential Life: A Critical Component of the Milligan Experience

Increasingly, students come to college with higher expectations for their residence hall space.  We frequently hear comments that our residence halls lack modern amenities.  In fact, two of Milligan’s largest halls lack air conditioning.  Even the college’s newest residence halls were constructed about 25 years ago.  Despite the fact that the college’s current residence halls are not as modern as some other colleges, Milligan has been able to enjoy nearly a half decade of record enrollment.  But we have reached our capacity and, unfortunately, even housing that lacks the features most prospective students desire is now in short supply.  For Milligan to continue to grow, new housing must be constructed.

Fortunately, several years ago, college leaders acquired acreage adjacent to the area where most of the college’s residence halls now stand.  A donor has come forward, generously agreeing to fund the nearly $5 million in site preparation costs to develop the land that will eventually house as many 230 students in new, suite style residence halls.  The village will also consist of an intramural field and common spaces for fellowship and study, as well as other features that were developed with the valuable and important input of a group of faculty, staff, and students - and following a number of visits by members of the administration to see other college's housing projects. 

Currently, Milligan is seeking the funding for a complex of up to six halls which will provide over 90 beds, adding to capacity, and giving the college flexibility to renovate existing halls.  The cost per building, to house 20 students in this manner, is estimated to be in the range of $1,400,000.

Because the need is so great, and increased enrollment can support it, the college is willing to fund the construction with debt if necessary.   Too much debt, however, can constrain the college’s ability to take advantage of other opportunities in the future.  For that reason, Milligan is seeking private donations toward the new residential village and other projects aimed at further enhancing the student experience.  These gifts will be used toward the new residence village, scholarships, and other projects aimed at enhancing the student experience at Milligan.

Project Timeline

The college plans to officially break ground on the new village in the summer of 2012 with the first halls accepting students in the fall of 2013. 

Village Plan