Forward Ever:
The Campaign for Milligan College

National Campaign Chairs

Marshall LeggettIt is most gratifying to look upon Milligan and see that the college has continued to grow, improve, and reach new levels. The significant accomplishments of the past several years have emboldened the college to become an even greater influence upon the world. Milligan provides an excellent education, nurtures a sense of Christian community, and challenges students to deepen their faith as they respond to God’s call for their lives.

The consistent, generous support of alumni and friends has made it possible for Milligan to fulfill its mission to a greater degree than ever before. With your help, Milligan can build upon its rich heritage while looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

I hope you will join with me in making Milligan an even better, more powerful influence upon the world for Christ.

Marshall Leggett
Chancellor, 13th President of Milligan College, Class of 1951


Del HarrisI have often said that one’s college years are critical times when faith needs to be built up, not torn down. That’s what Milligan College did for me and what Milligan has done for thousands of students since I was a student. Christian Education is the hope of the world--we must preserve this ideal by supporting Christian education at all levels.

I am proud of my alma mater and of the success Milligan has enjoyed over the years. I am also proud to see that Milligan continues to pursue excellence by constantly looking forward. That’s why I’m so eager to help Milligan succeed in its efforts to continue to grow and to serve.

In virtually every field, whether it is business, healthcare, education, sports, or even the ministry, there continues to be a tremendous need for leaders who are rooted in Christian principles and who possess a strong sense of character and integrity. Meeting this need is what Milligan does best.

Please join me in helping Milligan continue to move forward by supporting this campaign. Join me in providing the means for Milligan to serve future generations of students by perpetuating Milligan’s long history of high quality Christian education.

Del Harris
Retired NBA Coach, Class of 1958