Forward Ever

Forward Ever: The Campaign for Milligan College has sought to honor Milligan’s heritage by preparing for its future. The campaign’s goals of improving the quality and efficiency of campus facilities, providing essential scholarship support, and increasing the endowment have deeply enriched the Milligan student experience.

As we prepare for our next century and a half, seeking to serve the Milligan community and seeking to grow so we can expand our impact on the world, we realize that other needs remain. We are continuing to enhance academic, artistic, and athletic facilities, and fund scholarships for new and returning students. Additionally, student housing options will be increased and enhanced through the construction of The Milligan Village.

Through the generosity of alumni and friends who have made commitments and gifts to the campaign, we surpassed our initial campaign goal of $25 million, raising a total of $28 million! With so much momentum brought on by so many accomplishments, and in preparation for our Sesquicentennial in 2016, we continue to raise funds for important initiatives and move Forward Ever in Scholarship, Community, and Faith.


We will offer high quality, regionally and nationally respected academic programs that support the college's mission and are relevant to the marketplace and our students.

Students Together

We will be a strong, vibrant, and diverse Christian collegiate community of 2,000 students.

Steeple of Seeger Memorial Chapel

We will have increasing global impact by developing servant leaders with a Christian worldview.