We believe that leadership is about service. Milligan therefore encourages students to reach out to influence lives and the world around them. Students are encouraged to become servant leaders through mission and service projects, and many classes incorporate service learning into the classroom. On short-term mission trips, in worshiping and participating in local churches, and in serving the community, Milligan students become more aware of their culture and the world in which they will minister.

LINC Volunteer Center
The LINC Volunteer Center links the needs and interests of Milligan College students to the needs of the community. They bring an awareness of volunteer events to the student body and promote campus unity.

Local Churches
Milligan College encourages student involvement in local congregations. Local churches welcome Milligan students and seek to provide them with opportunities for service and fellowship. Interaction with Christians of different outside the Milligan College Community is a valuable experience especially for those who are unable to return home on a regular basis. Students are able to development their faith while sharing and serving local congregations. Students can contact the Church Relations Office for further assistance in locating a local congregation.

Campus Ministry Team
The Campus Ministry Team is a committee of the SGA that works in conjunction with the campus minister. Any student may get involved with the group and help in the preparation of several campus events designed for faith development. Some of these events may include Vespers services, small groups, prayer vigils, retreats and special emphasis weeks.