Spiritual Formation Program (SFP)

In support of its mission of educating men and women to become servant-leaders, Milligan College requires all traditional (under age 23) undergraduate students to participate in its Spiritual Formation Program.  Students are required to accumulate 150 Spiritual Formation Program (SFP) credits in order to graduate. 

SFP credits are earned by participating in Chapel and Convocation services, approved community service projects, and other events geared toward spiritual formation.  A calendar of qualifying SFP events is published at the beginning of each semester and maintained on the College website. Only activities listed on the SFP calendar, or additional events approved by the Campus Ministry Office, will qualify for SFP credit. 


Chapel and Convocation

Chapel has been a central feature of life at Milligan from its very beginning.  Chapel and Convocation provide the opportunity to come together to worship, pray, learn, and share our stories. Chapel services (Thursdays at 11:00am) typically consist of times of corporate worship and teaching, and aim to be inclusive by reflecting the diversity and giftedness of the entire campus community. Convocation services (Tuesdays at 11:00am) follow a different format, focusing on the integration of faith and learning.  Convo services may include such elements as panel discussions, arts/cultural presentations, guest lectures, films, concerts, and community-building events. 

Chapel/Convo is a time for the campus community to come together in worship and learning.  To honor God and allow His Spirit to form us, each of us must do our part.  Students should bring open hearts and minds, a willingness to engage with the service, and a respectful attitude for both those around them and those leading the service.  Portable electronic devices, homework, and other distractions should be set aside during Chapel in order to allow you and those around you to focus.


Campus Ministry Programs

In addition to Chapel and Convo, other Campus Ministry programs can qualify for SFP credit.  These include Diversity Forums, devotional breakfasts, select FCA events, retreats, and programming during special emphases such as Justice Week or Spiritual Renewal Week.  Local service opportunities through LINC may qualify for credit as well as certain community events approved by the Campus Ministry Office.



All traditional undergraduate students are required to accumulate 150 SFP credits in order to graduate.  Students anticipating a semester during which Chapel attendance will be difficult need to plan ahead in order to stay on track with the SFP requirement. 

Exemption from SFP attendance is not granted for:

CCCU Semester Abroad Study Programs can qualify for 10 SFP, pending pre-approval by the Campus Minister and completion of a two-page reflection paper demonstrating participation in spiritually forming activities during the semester.

Students may apply for SFP exemption by age at the start of the first fall semester following their 23rd birthday. 


First year and transfer students who bring at least 13 credit hours in to Milligan will be prorated SFP credits according to their class standing (see chart below). 

Class Standing


Qualifying credit hours

Prorated SFP credits

Freshman 1st semester 0-12 (0)
2nd semester 13-25 19
(26 credit hours)
1st semester 26-41 38
2nd semester 42-57 56
(58 credit hours)
1st semester 58-74 75
2nd semester 75-91 94
(92 credit hours)
1st semester 92-109 113
2nd semester 110-128 131

Students who begin at Milligan, transfer to another institution, and are then readmitted to Milligan will receive prorated credits for semesters enrolled elsewhere.  These will be added to the actual credits accumulated during their previous semesters at Milligan.


POINTS to Remember