Health Services

Health Services of Milligan College seeks to encourage the academic success of our students through disease prevention, health promotion and increased wellness awareness.

Campus Clinic

The nurse-directed, campus clinic is located in the Gilliam Wellness Center with hours of operation Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm.  The campus nurse is available for emergencies, minor illnesses and injuries, and health consultations as well as referral to outside physicians and medical facilities if needed. Students are expected to report any illnesses or injuries to the campus nurse. See list below of off-campus care options if the clinic is closed.

Health & Immunization Record

The following documentation is required:

The American College Health Association also recommends the following immunizations:


Personal Responsibility

Milligan College will not assume financial responsibility for off-campus medical treatment or care, physician services, or hospitalization. It is highly recommended that all students maintain personal medical insurance in the event of an emergency or an unexpected illness. If you are not covered under your parent’s policy, you may eligible for coverage through Sam East Insurance Services, 423.817.2914. Brochures are available from the Office of Student Development or Health Services. This insurance is not provided through the College, but the information is offered as a courtesy to our students.

All students participating in intercollegiate athletics are REQUIRED to maintain personal insurance coverage and to provide proof of coverage to the campus nurse and the athletic trainer prior to participation in any college related sports activity.

Special Diets
Students requiring special diets may contact the Food Services Director for the necessary arrangements.

Off-Campus Care

The following is a list of medical care alternatives available if the clinic is closed.


1900 West Elk Avenue
Elizabethton, TN
410 East Main Street
Johnson City, TN
1019 West Oakland Avenue
Johnson City, TN
314 Rogosin Drive
Elizabethton, TN
2811 West Market Street Suite #1
Johnson City, TN

378 Marketplace Boulevard, Suite 5
Johnson City, TN 37604


400 North State of Franklin Road; Johnson City, TN
1501 West Elk Avenue; Elizabethton, TN
300 Med Tech Parkway
Johnson City, TN

Click here for a complete list of medical care alternatives. The Emergency Room should be limited to life threatening illnesses or injuries such as broken bones, severe cuts or burns, shortness of breath, chest pain, and any loss of consciousness.


The College is also concerned with mental and social health and well-being. Limited counseling services are available for mental and social health concerns. The College is not equipped to provide long-term, in-depth psychotherapy or psychiatric care. Local mental health facilities are available for these services.

A professional counselor is on campus each week to provide assessment/referral and short-term counseling services. Students need to schedule an appointment through the school nurse, Susie Dayton, RN, 423.461.8667.

The campus counseling relationship is one which gives the students support and assistance. Areas of difficulty or questions which might be considered in counseling include social, academic, and personal issues. The service is, with very limited exceptions, confidential. The counselor will explain those exceptions at the outset, if desired. There is no additional fee for the counseling service.

Frontier Health's Crisis Response Team
Frontier Health's Crisis Response Team fields any mental health emergency calls students need to make afterhours. Please call 877.928.9062.

Policy Regarding Suicide Threats/Attempts
In those cases where a student poses a threat of harm to self or the College community, the following measures will be taken to assure the well being of the individual and/or the campus community.

  1. In case of emergency, medical assistance will be rendered at local hospitals.

  2. At that time, medical/mental evaluation will be conducted by resident professionals associated with the hospital who will recommend a course of immediate action.

  3. Before being allowed to attend classes the student will furnish to the College a written evaluation performed by a licensed psychiatrist/psychologist, indicating the emotional and mental stability of the student. The evaluation must be presented to the Dean of Students within five days of the incident.

    At that time a review committee composed of the evaluating psychiatrist/psychologist, The Dean of Students, a counselor from the College, and the Residence Hall Director (if an on campus student), shall determine the advisability of the student remaining in school.

    Should the consultation recommend continuation, it must include a program of ongoing counseling service with appropriate professionals. Costs of such services are the responsibility of the student.

    To continue in school, a dependent student must have a written statement of parental/guardian consent acknowledging awareness of the incident and indicating a desire for the student to continue enrollment.

    In addition, a Release of Information agreement must be on file with the counselor and the Dean of Students to permit an exchange of information relevant to the student's emotional and physical health. Regular progress reports and confirmation of counseling appointments must be provided until such time as the counselor releases the student from therapy.

    Should the initial consultation recommend discontinuation of enrollment at the College, an administrative withdrawal will be imposed and the student must leave campus within 24 hours.

    Refunds of tuition, room, board, and fees will be made in accordance with the policy as stated in the College catalogue regarding withdrawal due to medical reasons.

    Refusal to comply with these guidelines following a threat of harm to self or the College community shall be grounds for immediate dismissal.