Milligan offers an unlimited access continuous service meal plan Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in McCormick DIning Center, with late night service in The Grill. Complete meal programs are offered at traditional meal times, and at other times beverages, cereals, deli, pizza, soup, salad, fruits, desserts, and breads are available. The dining center is a community-oriented space where students can visit, study, or grab a bite with friends at their convenience. Click here for hours.

Menu Cycles

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Green On The Go

In the effort to reduce waste and the excessive use of Styrofoam in the cafeteria, Pioneer College Caterers has introduced their “Green on the Go” program at Milligan.  Students that are on the meal plan and need a meal “To Go” are allowed to enter the cafeteria and pack their meal in a recycled container.  Upon return, the container and silverware is washed and returned to the student for future meals. 

Guest Meals

For those not on the meal plan or non-campus personnel that would like to eat, our guest charges are:

Breakfast (7 am-10 am) $5.00
Lunch (11 am-2 pm)
Dinner (5 pm-7 pm)
Specialty nights/Sunday lunch $6.75

Transfer Meal Option

Students can use their meal plan at The Grill. The transfer meal option allows a limited number of meals per semester to be taken at The Grill rather than at the cafeteria. Menu selection is all-inclusive (grill entree, side item, dessert or fruit, and drink). This feature enhances the food service by offering more flexibility to the campus population at no extra charge and is automatically included in the meal plan.

Snack Bar Plus Account (SBP)

The Snack Bar Plus (SBP) account is an option that provdes a $50 meal credit line at The Grill for an additional charge of $40 to your meal plan. This 20% bonus credit is only available to accounts purchased during registration. This added flexibility allows students to grab a quick snack or meal at their convenience with the ease of a prepaid credit card. Additionally, if students need to add to their credit lines, they may do so at any time after registration in the cafeteria or The Grill. Commuters not on the campus meal plan may also purchase an SBP account to be used for meal purchases in either The Grill or the cafeteria. SBP account balances are not transferable from one academic year to another.

Grab-N-Go Meals

We offer to-go meals called Grab-N-Go Meals that we prepare at The Grill. If you have a work or class conflict that does not allow you to come to a meal, please see our Grill manager to fill out a request for a Grab-N-Go meal. Please allow 2 days for us to review the request.

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