Commuter Information

Milligan College would like you, as a commuter student, to feel at home on your campus. Milligan provides opportunities for student development in the area of extracurricular organizations covering such interests as hiking, missions, political science, art, etc. You will receive a student handbook when you arrive on campus explaining each group and information on how to become involved. The Student Government Association plans a variety of spiritual and social events during the year that make student life interesting and fulfilling. Intramural athletics on campus include football, softball, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. Participation in these activities is open to all students throughout the year.

Off-Campus Living

All students at Milligan College must live on campus unless they have been pre-approved by the Office of Student Development to live off-campus. To qualify, students must fulfill one of the following requirements:

All students who plan to live off campus must 1) fulfill one of the above requirements, 2) complete the Off Campus Living Request form and 3) receive approval prior to making any off-campus living arrangements.

Student Services

The information on this page is intended to assist you in planning your studies at Milligan College. In addition to the information provided here, be sure to review the information specific to your program.

Open parking for commuters begins daily at 3 p.m. on the academic/business side of campus. The canyon parking lot, between Seeger Memorial Chapel and the lower level of the Steve Lacey Fieldhouse, is the primary parking area for commuters on the residential side of campus. Commuters may park in the Gilliam Wellness Center lot while using the center and its facilities. At all other times, commuters are to park in the following locations only:

The use of a vehicle on campus is a privilege extended to the college community. Each motorized vehicle must be registered by the Student Development Office at the time you register for classes or in the Student Development Office after registration. Please have the following information when you register: license tag/plate number, color, make, model, and year of your vehicle(s). There is a $100 fine for not registering a vehicle or not displaying a sticker.

Each vehicle driven/parked on campus must be registered. Operators of these vehicles are expected to learn and follow the driving/parking policies on campus (outlined in the Student Handbook). Violators of these policies are subjecting themselves to significant fines and loss of vehicle privileges. Fines range from $20 to $100. All tickets must be paid in the McCown Cottage Business Office. Receiving more than ten tickets can result in the loss of driving privileges on campus.

All Milligan students are admitted free to regular season home athletic events with a valid Milligan ID. Milligan College has a proud heritage of top student-athletes participating in competitive intercollegiate athletics. In the past 10 years, Milligan has won more than 50 conference titles and made 58 national tournament appearances in various sports. Visit the athletics webpage for team schedules.

Athletic & fitness facilities / Intramurals
Students are eligible to sign up to use the college's fitness equipment in the Gilliam Wellness Center, fieldhouse, tennis courts, pool, and other facilities during scheduled hours and with valid Milligan ID.  Commuters are also encouraged to participate in intramural sports.

Campus Activities
Commuters and graduate students are welcome to participate in student clubs, organizations, and activities. For more information about getting involved on campus, click here or call 423.461.8335.

Campus Minister
Milligan College has a full-time campus minister to help meet the needs of faith development in the campus community. Contact Brad Wallace or call 423.461.8748.

Campus Security
Milligan College contracts with a professional guard service to provide after hours security. Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, the Director of Campus Security is on duty to assist with campus law enforcement. Between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. daily, at least one security officer is on duty (423.461.8912). These individuals conduct inspections of campus buildings and patrol the campus throughout the night.

Security personnel have authority to enforce campus traffic policies, to request identification of any person on campus and to escort unauthorized persons from campus if necessary, to detain persons in violation of the law, and to fulfill such other responsibilities as may be appropriate in the performance of their duties.
Campus security officers are equipped with cellular telephones to provide direct access by the community during the hours on duty. Officers are also equipped with two-way radio communication with the city police department to enlist their assistance should the need arise. Any crimes and/or thefts should be reported immediately to Campus Security.

Career Services
Career Services aids students and alumni by helping to provide opportunities for a fulfilling life through services designed to prepare participants for graduate studies and/or a rewarding career or profession. A number of services are offered to students at a variety of locations on campus. For more information, visit Career Services.

Milligan College has from its beginning held the Chapel program as an integral part of campus life. Click here for more information on Spiritual Life at Milligan and a schedule of services.  During four years at Milligan, undergraduate students must attend 150 programs. Students transferring or readmitted are prorated correspondingly to academic credits being transferred and number of college semesters completed. Students can see how many credits they have earned and are responsible for ensuring they meet the necessary requirements.

Computer Labs
Five networked computer labs are located on campus. The Kegley Lab is located on the lower level of the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library and contains 20 computers. The Derthick Lab has 25 computers and most computer classes are held in this lab. The Jones Lab is located in the Paxson Communications Center and has 10 computers and an optical image scanner. The Nursing department has a computer lab located on the third floor of Hardin Hall that has 10 computers. The Education department has wireless laptop lab located in the Paul Clark Teacher Education Center and has 11 laptop computers. Each lab also has at least one letter quality printer available and is staffed by a student lab monitor during the evening hours to assist as needed. For facility hours, click here.

The Student Development Office provides short term counseling assistance for those students who need to share a concern with someone. The counseling relationship is one which gives the students support and assistance. Areas of difficulty or questions which might be considered in counseling include social, academic, and personal issues. The service is, with very limited exceptions, confidential. The counselor will explain those exceptions at the outset, if desired. There is no additional fee for the counseling service.

A counselor is on campus each Monday and Thursday from 1:30-4 p.m. to provide assessment/referral and short-term counseling services. Her office will be in Hardin 210. Students need to schedule an appointment through the school nurse, Susie Dayton, at 423.461.8667.

Dining Options
Commuters may eat in the Dining Hall (Sutton Hall) or Grill (Student Center) during regular hours. Commuters may also choose to participate in any meal plan offered to residential students. For more information, contact the Business Office at 423.461.8740. For a schedule of hours and costs, click here.

The Rehabilitation Act of 1974 (Section 504) states that qualified students with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations. If you require services, contact the Director of Disability Services (DDS), click here to learn more.

E-mail Policy
For official communication, including any communication from Milligan offices or Milligan faculty to students, the e-mail address issued by Milligan College will be the only e-mail address used.  Notices sent by official Milligan e-mail will be considered adequate and appropriate communication.  It is incumbent on students to check their official Milligan e-mail regularly. 

Visit Campus Hours to see when campus buildings can be accessed.

Health Clinic
The Health Clinic is located in the Gilliam Wellness Center. Health services include health and physical assessment, treatment of minor injuries and problems, and referral to local physicians or other appropriate health care providers. The college recommends all students have basic insurance protection for medical expenses. If a medical emergency is imminent, call 911 immediately.

Milligan College recommends that all students be covered by health insurance while enrolled. If your are already covered by a group policy, you must furnish the name of the company and policy information on the Health and Immunization Record. You must complete and sign the front page of the form and have a physician complete and sign the back page indicating the dates of the required two doses of the MMR vaccine. International students must also meet the TB testing requirements. The other vaccines are recommended. Housing will not be assigned until this information is submitted to Health Services. 

Self Service
Students can view information about their academic record and student account in the college's student records database using the ID and password assigned to them for college network access. Among the information available to the students are semester class schedules, the college catalog, mid-term and final grades, unofficial transcripts, and charges and credits to the student's account. Click here to access Self Service.

Lost and Found
All articles found on the campus are turned in at the Registrar's Office in Derthick Hall. Lost and Found notices also are posted to Milligan's internal communication hub, Milligan Today.

Mailing Address Policy
All students are responsible for keeping their permanent home mailing address and current local postal mailing address up to date with the college. Students must go to the Registrar's Office to notify the college if their address changes.

Photograph Release
From time to time our students and employees may be identified or photographed for publication, broadcast, transmission and/or electronic display by the news media or college public relations officials. Unless a written statement to the contrary is filed with the Office of Student Development at the beginning of the semester, students and employees of Milligan College waive their model rights to be photographed for the college's print and online publications without prior notice.

Release of Information
The College makes every effort to keep student records in line with federal regulations. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act stipulates the guidelines by which the College makes decisions in regard to the release and use of student records. A copy of this Act may be obtained in the Student Development Office. Milligan follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act in releasing any information.

Only directory information, such as name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most previous educational agency or institution attended by the student is released without the student's consent.  Students may file a form in the Registrar's Office if they wish to be excluded from the directory. The directory is for use within the College. Anyone outside the College who desires student information is directed to the Registrar.

Student lounge
Commuters and graduate students are encouraged to use the McMahan Student Center, which houses a snack bar, SUB 7 room, lounge, bookstore, Student Development office, conference room, and offices for the Student Government Association. The lower level of the center hosts the Institute for Servant Leadership, including Student Success, LINC volunteer services, Career Services, and Diversity services.  Also, Information Technology is located on the lower floor of the student center.

Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act
Information relative to the Federal "Student Right to Know Campus Security Act" (Public Law 101-542), Federal "Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act" and Tennessee "College and University Security Information Act" is available in the Office of the Vice President for Student Development. This information includes campus crime statistics, Campus Security policies and procedures, and a drug-free policy statement.

Symphony Orchestra
Milligan students with valid ID are granted free admission to Johnson City Symphony Orchestra concerts held on the Milligan College campus.