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The mission of the Milligan College Office of Church Relations is to establish and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between the college and the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Please contact Kit Dotson, Associate Director of Church Relations, for more information or to schedule any of the following opportunities for Milligan to be represented within your church.

Milligan Resources



Church Leadership Training

Curtis Booher
Bringing Contentment to Life
Curtis Booher
Bringing Job 1:21 to Life

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Heritage is Milligan College's premier traveling ensemble. They have sung for many churches, community and civic groups, and regularly represent the college around the country. 

With more than 20 years of history, the group is regularly sought after for their distinct a cappella style and presentation. 


Please contact Kit Dotson for more information.

Summer Camp Teams

YiM partners with Milligan College to minister to youth in the Northeast and Southeast United States through our Camp Teams.

Every summer Milligan students receive training and encouragement to become effective counselors and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The teams travel 6-7 weeks each summer, and they serve with the Youth in Ministry Student Leadership Conference.

Please contact Phyllis Fox for more information. 

Camp Team Alpha
Team Alpha: Logan Troester, Lauren Brewer, Zach Hollifield, Shelby Esterle

Camp Team Delta
Team Delta: Mike Mohsen, Katie Smith, Zach MacLellan, Shayla Wood

Camp Team Omega
Team Omega: Lindsey Kyker, Oscar Sarmiento, Nathan Cachiaras, Sarah Walsh