Roman Catholic Traditions

General Resources

New Advent: Catholic Website "This helpful page includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, a Church Fathers link, and St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. It also carries links for Catholic resources, news, and "The Big Ten", a list of the top ten Catholic sites."  [Dan Drage]

CICI Home Page: Catholic Net

Catholic Resources on the Net

Vatican Web Page

Catholic Files

The Catholic Theology Library

Catholic Information Network

Catholic Online "A most comprehensive site serving the Catholic community on the internet.  This site offers daily news on issues of interest to Roman Catholics, a comprehensive listing of saints and angels with their corresponding feast days, a forum for discussion on issues of interest to Roman Catholics, free email accounts for site visitors, and links to a multiplicity of resources for Roman Catholics." [Wes Jamison]

Commentary on Current Events

Catholic World News

National Conference of Catholic Bishops: Weekly Movie Reviews "This site contains the U.S. Catholic Conference's Office for Film and Broadcasting evaluation of current movies, using its own rating system. Along with a comparison of these ratings with the Motion Picture Association of America's ratings, brief summaries of the films are presented from the perspective of the Catholic Organization as well." [Patrick W. Hardin]

Black Church Leaders Seek Vatican Link
An interesting story from the Feb 3, 2000, Chicago Tribune about Black Pentecostal Leaders making a pilgrimage to the Vatican in hopes of forging closer ties and breaking down existing barriers.

The Case for Ordaining Women in the Catholic Church "This site concerns the role of women in the Christian religious tradition. This site challenges humanity to accept the ordination of women in churches and strenghthens this stance with resources such as the fathers of the church, ancient councils, and contemporary documents." [Derrick Davis]

Essays, Scholarly Articles, and Important Texts

Catholic Encyclopedia

St. Perpetua: The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity "This article records the imprisonment of St. Perpetua and her death, as well as the deaths of fellow Christians. Besides the fact that this is one of the few writings by a Christian woman, this text is historically important because it provides evidence of the procedures used to execute Christians. These procedures include a trial in which the Christian is asked to present a sacrifice to Roman deities, the giving of a last supper to victims, and details of the actual execution." [Traci Smith]

Catholic Answers Home Page "This site contains answers to a mulitude of questions. This site is very informative into the basic views of Catholicism and how Catholics view the world." [Sarah Tremper]

Pope John Paul II "This is a great, detailed site featuring Pope John Paul II. Bright pictures, television excerpts, copies of speeches, articles, and historical and biographical information are here. [Lisa Hendrix]


Jesus Christ: Images, Art, Photographs

Splendors of Christendom A world-wide tour of churches

Christus Rex Images of Vatican City and the Vatican Museums

Chartres Cathedral "This site contains photographs of Chartres Cathedral, the building of which began in the eleventh century C.E. Cathedrals were important in the medieval Roman Catholic Church, and in the present Church, for more than just the masses which were performed in them. The stained glass and iconography tell stories of Jesus, the apostles, and the saints. Because the majority of the people in medieval Europe were unable to read, these visual images became the Bible for those who otherwise would have had to rely solely on word of mouth." [Traci Smith]

The Christian Catacombs of Rome "This site offers much information for those who know little about the Catacombs. Included in the page are detailed descriptions, historical information, a map, and a gallery." [Lisa Hendrix]

Miscellaneous Resources

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