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Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism   "A comprehensive academic study of Judaism, this site provides various websites under the categories of Early Jewish History and Literature, Medieval and Modern Jewish History and Thought, Electronic Journals, Book Reviews, and Exhibitions and Collections of images."  [David Isaacs]

Judaism 101  "Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs."

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Soc.Culture.Jewish "This site contains an abundance of information about Judaism. Besides identifying the different movements within the Jewish faith today, "Frequently Asked Questions..." provides the reader with Jewish history, definitions and explanations of rituals and holy books, and Jewish holidays and observances. This site addresses Judaism in society concerning such issues as women's roles within this religion. If you are looking for a comprehensive overview of Judaism from a fairly unbiased viewpoint, you have come to the right website." [Traci Smith]

Commentary on Current Events

Jewish News Links

Tikkun A bimonthly Jewish critique of politics, culture and society.

Jewish Post of New York   "The Jewish Post offers current information concerning Jewish events. The articles discuss news related to everything from celebrating holidays to international events to race relations. They detail upcoming visits from Jewish leaders and the struggles in Israel. The Post also includes editorials and business information. This site is essential to keeping informed with Jewish activities and viewpoints." [Kirstin Mead]

Essays and Scholarly Articles

A Page from the Babylonian Talmud A fascinating hyper-text tour of the levels of scholarly commentary on a page of Talmud.

"Origin of Christianity and Judaim: What actually happened, what Jesus actually taught, and later changes." "This is a scholarly essay by Manfred Davidmann that makes some interesting comments on the history of Christianity from a Jewish view point. He also compares how teachers in both faiths (Judaism and Christianity) have influenced theology. It is a challenging essay to read because it comes at Christianity from a very different angle. On the other hand, it acknowledges that Jesus was Jewish in His teachings. Traditional protestant students might find this article interesting." [Stephanie Mitchum]

Outreach Judaism Responds to Jews for Jesus "This is an intersesting site on Judaism. Outreach Judaism is a site that responds to Christian missionaries who are evegelizing Jews. At this site Rabbi Singer, a scholar of the Jewish Bible, answers questions that deal with the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. This is a challenging site for Christians to read, but it helps understand this often misunderstood faith." [Ryan Bader]

Jewish Death and Mourning Customs "This site was designed by a Rabbi to console Jews in grief by explaining the Jewish death and burial traditions in order to eliminate any uncertainty they might have at the death of a loved one. The places and times of burial and the functions of family members of all ages are described, and a glossary of associated terms is included for clarification purposes." [Emily Fuller]

Women in Judaism "This site was written by Rabbi Elie, concerning the role of women in the Jewish religious tradition. In this site he makes an argument that women have been treated well in Judaism (compared to women in other religions) and he gives an immense amount of scripture to support his position." [Derrick Davis]

Like most traditions, Judaism has within it various mystical traditions.  Jewish Mystical Traditions  "deals with Kabbalistic and Hasidism ideas. You can take a walking virtual tour through Hasidism territory. This page also list some explanation of both beliefs."  Further information about Kabbalah can be found here, a site that "talks about the Kabbalah and gives a history of the belief. It also contains interesting links to other websites dealing with manuscripts." [Nicholas Farr]


Jewish Museums and Museum Resources

Art and Poetry of the Holocaust


The Laws of Yom Kippur  "This site gives an in depth explanation of Yom Hakippurim, specifically regarding the Day of Atonement. It tells such things as eating practices, prayer, and forgiveness. The day only atones for sins between man and God, so this site tells what goes on during that day." [Ann Rettig]

Jewish Kosher Food "This site contains an interesting explaination of Jewish kosher food customs and the things allowed in a kosher kitchen.  Highlighting Jewish food laws from the Torah, it outlines the correct kosher slaughtering methods used for meats and poultry, as well as providing an explaination of what foods are and are not kosher." [Mark Garland] 

Kabbalah Links Page "This site is a great well of information on Kabbalah. It would be helpful to almost anyone studying Judaism. It is also a great site on mysticism. Being as Judaism has so often been stereotyped as monolithic and legalistic, this site would be helpful in showing one that this tradition is actually very vibrant and alive." [Wes Arblaster]

Israel at Fifty   "This is a rather large site run by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It contains information on the celebrations of the 50th aniversary of the modern state of Israel, the founding of Israel, and its history." [Brad Warfield]

Conversion to Judaism "This is a resource center containing information on learning Jewish culture and on how and why one should convert to Judaism. It also discusses the differences between Judaism and Christianity from a Jewish point of view." [Danielle Gudmestad]

Network of Jewish Renewal Communities "This is a Network of Jewish Renewal Communities that are autonomous and made up of people who joyfully choose a Jewish spiritual and ethical path. They wish to infuse their lives with holiness, to bless, inspire and contribute to one another. They also offer educational material for teaching Jewish beliefs. You can also join their cause and recieve a newsletter with teachings and insights from respectable Jews."   [Nichlas Farr]

B'nai Sholom Congregation   Web page for the local synagogue near Blountville.

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