Christ and Culture Links

This page and its links are designed to aid students in Milligan's senior capstone course, "Christ and Culture," become more adept at the inseparable tasks of theological reflection and cultural analysis. For this reason a range of perspectives is offered on the following pages. Please read empathically but critically.

    Online journals offering cultural analysis, commentary and critique.

    Online sources for news (many with searchable indices).

    Community Links. Links to people struggling creatively to live in genuine community, as well as links to resources for reflection on the concept of "community." Several of the links are to groups which do not necessarily consider themselves "Christian" as a way of exploring the prominence and importance of the concept of "community" within the wider cultural landscape.

    In the Wake of September 11: Christian Attitudes Toward Violence and Non-Violence   The page was put together in the days and weeks following September 11 as a resource for helping Christians think through some of the difficult issues that we have always needed to consider, but which gained a renewed sense of urgency in the wake of the current situation.


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