Prayer Calendar

From the beginning, Milligan College has been guided by the devoted prayers of its many alumni and friends who believe that Christian education was, is, and always will be the Hope of the World.

Join us in remembering Milligan in your daily prayers as we seek guidance and encouragement for Milligan's leaders, faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Jan Pray for our
prospective students.
Pray for Milligan's physical plant, housekeeping, & landscaping & grounds staff. Pray for ALM (Associated Ladies of Milligan). Pray for our Institute of Servant Leadership program.
Feb Pray that Milligan will fulfill its mission. Pray for our athletic teams and coaches. Pray for students' spiritual development.  
Mar Pray that Milligan will achieve its vision. Pray for staff in student success, diversity services, spiritual life, residence life, & campus life. Pray that students will benefit from a strong sense of community.  
Apr Pray for our seniors as they prepare for life after college. Pray for our student financial services staff. Pray for Milligan's trustees.  
May Pray for the college's financial needs. Pray for the library faculty & staff. Pray for students' intellectual growth.  
Jun Pray for our graduate & professional studies students. Pray for our business & finance staff. Pray for the youth visiting campus through various summer programs.  
Jul Pray for our YiM (Youth in Ministry) program. Pray for the food service staff. Pray for Milligan's student leaders. Pray for the Restoration Crew.
Aug Pray for faculty preparing for the upcoming academic year. Pray for the registrar's office staff. Pray for incoming freshmen.  
Sep Pray for returning students. Pray for our computer services staff. Pray for the campus ministry program.  
Oct Pray for mentors & advisors as they guide students through the college experience. Pray for the enrollment management & marketing staff--esp. admissions counselors as they travel this month. Pray for trustees & advisors as they meet this month.  
Nov Pray for those students struggling academically, socially, spiritually & financially. Pray for the institutional advancement staff. Pray for Milligan's student organizations.  
Dec Pray for sophomores and juniors. Pray for staff in the office of the president. Pray for Milligan students' physical health & safety.