Transfer Policy

Transfer Credit Policy

Send us your transcript(s) and our Registrar will review them and get you an evaluation of what credits will transfer to Milligan.

  • For transfer courses, only the credit hours are posted to the student’s transcript. No grades are recorded for the transferred credit. Quality points for transfer credits are not included in the Milligan College grade point average. Milligan College does not accept any transfer credit for courses at other institutions for which a grade below a C- was earned. The minimum number of credit hours earned at Milligan toward a bachelor’s degree shall be 45.
  • After matriculation, for undergraduate students in traditional programs, no transfer credit will be allowed for: Freshman and Sophomore Humanities Core Courses (HUMN 101, 102, 201, 202); Freshman and Sophomore Composition Courses (COMP 111 and 211); Christ and Culture (BIBL 471); Old and New Testament Survey (BIBL 123, 124). 
  • The transfer of credits after matriculation requires advance advising and approval. A matriculated student may receive credit from another institution only if appropriate signatures are secured before taking the course. “Appropriate signatures” are defined as the signature of any one of the three registrars and, if deemed necessary by the registrar, the signature of the student’s adviser or area chair.
  • A student transferring from another college must be in residence during the three semesters (may include one eight-week summer session) immediately preceding graduation and must successfully complete not fewer than 45 of the 128 required semester hours through instruction at Milligan College. A minimum of one-third of the hours within a major must be earned at Milligan College to receive a degree from Milligan. 
  • Milligan College will award transfer credit, subject to approval of the Registrar’s Office, for a maximum of 16 semester hours of dual enrollment credit (college or university credit earned concurrently with high school enrollment). Additional (non-dual enrollment) college credits may be earned prior to enrollment at Milligan College with the approval of the registrar.

Writing & Math Proficiency

Students will be contacted prior to enrollment regarding the proficiency exams they must complete. Performance on these proficiency examinations determines placement in developmental studies courses.

  • Transfer students are evaluated for writing proficiency on the basis of an essay written during orientation. Success in college, as well as your future professional endeavors, requires good writing skills. The ability to think critically and write effectively, utilizing the conventions of standard written English, is an essential outcome of a Milligan education. Milligan College therefore requires many of our entering students – including all transfer students – to complete a writing sample prior to enrollment in the college. The writing sample allows the writing staff to determine each student’s ability to evaluate and create a sustained argument. The results of this sample determine the appropriate writing course placement for each student.  
  • Transfer students who have not completed a math class must also take a mathematics proficiency examination during orientation.