Dual Enrollment Program

Dual-enrollment is a great way to get a jump start on your college education. Earn high school and college credit simultaneously by attending classes at Milligan College. Credits are transferable to the college of your choice.


High school juniors or seniors attending a public or private high school, or homeschoolers


Dual Enrollment is a postsecondary course, taught either at the postsecondary institution (college or university) or at the high school, by the postsecondary faculty, which, upon successful completion of the course, allows students to earn postsecondary and secondary credit concurrently. College credit can be transferred to other institutions.


Only $100 per credit hour. Tennessee residents may qualify for a dual-enrollment grant of up to $300 through the TN Lottery program, so you might be able to take a course for no cost to you. See www.TNscholardollars.com to learn more. Maximum 7 credit hours per semester billed $100 per hour.  Over 7 hours will be billed the rate of $770 per credit hour.


Complete Milligan’s one page Request for Special Admission and submit a copy of high school transcripts. Email admissions@milligan.edu or call 800.262.8337 for details.


Subject to change each semester. For course descriptions, view the Catalog. For online schedule, click here.

ACCT 211 Introductory Accounting I
ACCT 212 Introductory Accounting I
ART 110 Design Fundamentals
ART 237 Basic Photography
ART 250 Drawing I
ART 251 Painting I
ART 252 Watercolor Workshop
ART 253 Introduction to Ceramics
ART 411 Printmaking Studio
ART 431 Sculpture Studio
BADM 170 Personal Finance
BADM 210 Survey of Business
BIBL 123 Old Testament Survey
BIBL 124 New Testament Survey
BIOL 110 General Biology
BIOL 111/112 Principles of Biology
BIOL 130 Plants and Society
BIOL 131 Environmenal Studies
BIOL 150 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Phys
CHEM 150 Chemistry and Society
CHEM 170/171 General Chemistry
CIS 120 Computer Apps: Microsoft Word/PowerPt
CIS 125 Computer Apps: Microsoft Excel
CIS 130 Computer Apps: Microsoft Access
CIS 201 Information Systems Hardware
COMM 101 Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Religion
COMM 102 Speech Communication
COMM 141 Fundamentals of Voice and Stage Movement
COMM 151 Introduction to Theatre
COMM 180 Introduction to Storytelling
COMM 201 Principles of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 237 Basic Photography
COMM 270 Film and Television Aesthetics
COMP 111 Rhetorical Composition
COMP 211 Inquiring Minds: Foundational Analyt Comp
ECON 201 Macroeconomic Principles
ECON 202 Microeconomic Principles
ENGL 164 Fiction of C.S. Lewis
FREN 111/112 Elementary French
FREN 211/212 Intermediate French
GERM 111/112 Elementary German
GERM 211/212 Intermediate German
HPXS 101 Fitness for Life
HPXS 104 Swimming
HPXS 105 Lifeguarding
HPXS 108 Folk Dance and Rhythmical Activities
HPXS 112 Resistance Training
HPXS 114 Water Exercise
HPXS 116 Flexibility and Strength
HPXS 118  Walking and Running
HPXS 153 Golf and Pickleball
HPXS 155 Beginning Badminton and Tennis
HPXS 156 Intermediate Badminton and Tennis
HPXS 158 Snow Skiing
HPXS 159 Horseback Riding
HPXS 162 Aerobic Fitness
HPXS 181 CPR for the Professional Rescuer
HPXS 201 Foundations and Legal Issues in PE
HPXS 207 Principles of Strength Training
HPXS 270 Science of Athletic Performance
MATH 107 Principles of Math
MATH 111 College Algebra
MATH 201 Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 211 Calculus I
MATH 213 Statistics
MUSC 100 - 130 Applied Study in voice or various instruments
MUSC 120 Voice Class
MUSC 141 Basic Music Reading Skills
MUSC 143 Basic Music Theory/Ear Training
MUSC 163 Survey of Pop Music
MUSC 165 Survey of Classical and Film Music
MUSC 166 Survey of Jazz
MUSC 183 Women's Choral
MUSC 184 Concert Choir
MUSC 191 Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 192 Orchestra
MUSC 194 Brass Ensemble
MUSC 250 World Music
PHYS 104 Earth and Space Science
POLS 120 American National Government
POLS 203 State and Local Government
PSYC 150 General Psychology
PSYC 170 Puzzle of Life
PSYC 252 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 253 Child Psychology
PSYC 270 Positive Psychology
SOCL 201 Introduction to Sociology
SPAN 111/112 Elementary Spanish
SPAN 211/212 Intermediate Spanish
THEA 130 Stagecraft
THEA 141 Fundamentals of Voice and Stage Movement
THEA 151 Introduction to Theatre


Library Privileges 

As a dual-enrollment student, you will enjoy the same privileges as all other Milligan students during the semester(s) you are enrolled.  You may check out library material (including books, DVDs, and CDs), access online databases both in the library and off-campus (using your Milligan ID), and request materials from other libraries all over the world through interlibrary loan.

But the library is much more than our hundreds of thousands of books, DVDs, journals, and electronic resources.  Our library staff is knowledgeable, engaged, and ready to help you from 8 AM until 10 PM most weeknights.  You can even chat with a librarian live through our library webpage! 

The library is also a great place to hang out while you study—we're open until midnight five nights a week and every Saturday and Sunday during the semester, and we've got coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks available for purchase.

Check out our library webpage for more information.  Feel free to contact us at any time with questions—we're here to help you! 


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