Social Learning Area


Human relationships are the focus of the Social Learning Area at Milligan. Psychology majors examine human relationships that focus on self and others. Sociology majors examine the relationships within and among groups of the world. Public Leadership & Service majors examine these relationships from an interdisciplinary approach.


Milligan’s faculty have years of professional experience and doctoral degrees from Indiana, Florida, Lehigh, Wisconsin-Madison, Tennessee, Duke, East Tennessee State, Louisville, and Maryland. Most importantly, they are excellent teachers and caring mentors.

Internships & Research

Internships and research are required or strongly encouraged, providing students with practical application of theoretical material as well as offering students opportunities to contribute directly to scholarship in their respective fields.

Certificate in Leadership

This is a great add-on option for students in any major who want to become effective leaders in their personal and professional lives. Through focused academic studies and hands-on co-curricular activities, learn critical thinking and practical skills to engage your personal, volunteer, and professional roles as an effective servant-leader.

Successful Graduates

Graduates are working in teaching, counseling, research-related work, clinical psychology, business, social work, juvenile court systems, veterans work, ministry, community organizations, non-profit sector, organizational leadership, health care administration, pediatric and therapeutic settings. Many have pursued graduate studies at institutions such as Tennessee, James Madison, Kentucky, Duke, Indiana, Notre Dame, Purdue, Virginia Commonwealth, Delaware, Memphis, Regent, and Wisconsin-Madison.